CBR Health & Wellness Committee

CBR members participate in a dog therapy organized by the CBR Health and Wellness Committee

The CBR Health & Wellness (H&W) Committee aims to build an inclusive, supportive and connected community by engaging CBR members in activities that foster physical, social and mental well-being. This trainee-led team hosts fun team-building and social events, like potlucks, UBC tours, well-being workshops, and exercise challenges. Join the team if you’re interested in:

  • meeting people from other research groups while working together in a team to promote health and well-being
  • honing leadership, project management, marketing, communication, and event planning skills

Want to join or have questions? Contact Kaitlyn Chuong (kaitlyn.chuong@ubc.ca).

To see a list of resources, please visit our page for Mental Health & Wellbeing Resources.

"When I first joined the Kizhakkedathu Lab, I attended potluck events hosted by the Health and Wellness Committee. That really made me feel welcome as part of the CBR community, so I joined the team in hopes of helping others feel the same way. It's been a great way to meet new people, and I enjoy spending time together as a group," says Haisle Moon, PhD Candidate, Kizhakkedathu Lab and CBR Health and Wellness Committee Member

Past events organized by the CBR Health and Wellness Committee

  • Valentine’s Day DIY Cookies & Cards
  • Lunch and learn nutrition workshop
  • Stress management workshop
    • Are you looking for ways to manage daily stress and avoid burnout? Although some stress can be a good thing, too much stress can lead to mental exhaustion and a decrease in productivity. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce and manage stress levels and increase your overall wellbeing. Facilitated by Kimberley Talbot, Certified nutrition & lifestyle wellness consultant.
    • Stress Management Handout (PDF)
    • Stress Management Workshop Video Recording
  • Yoga class
  • CBR Welcome Social & Scavenger Hunt: Pictures
  • CBR, MIGSS and BMB-GSA Halloween Trivia Night: Pictures
  • CBR Holiday Hangout: Pictures
  • Self-care in Science workshop
  • Nitobe Garden Walk
  • Wellness Bingo Challenge

  • Spring Potluck
  • Summer Students Welcome Potluck
  • Dragon Boating: Read about it
  • August Potluck
  • Holiday Potluck

Many activities were supported by the UBC Healthy Workplace Initiative Fund.

Learn more about activities by the CBR Health and Wellness Committee: