CBR Outreach Committee

CBR Outreach Team at Girls and STEAM event

If you have a passion for sharing science with others, then join the CBR Outreach Committee! This team engages the local community through outreach activities, from interactive workshops to classroom presentations to lab tours. You have the opportunity to:

  • practice your public speaking and presentation skills by engaging with students and learners of all ages
  • contribute to science communication projects, workshop design, lesson plan development, and new outreach member training

Want to join or have questions? Contact Kaitlyn Chuong (kaitlyn.chuong@ubc.ca).

Sree smiling at the camera and holding up a tablet with both hands with the words "I am a scientist" written across the screen in fun-looking, purple font. She seems to be standing in a lab space or office space.

I think science outreach and communication are a fun way to give back to society… I am involved with outreach to motivate the younger generation, especially girls, and capture their interest in science at a young age.

— Sreeparna Vappala, Kizhakkedathu Lab, CBR Outreach Committee member

Some past CBR Outreach Committee activities and highlights include:

CBR Outreach Committee members and volunteers at Science World’s Girls and STEAM event in November 2019

Science World’s Girls and STEAM Event

To share the wonder of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) with young girls.

CBR Blood Labs

Hands-on, blood-related workshops that are developed and presented by CBR graduate students and postdocs, and delivered to schools and other communities in the Lower Mainland.

CBR Facility Tours

Tours of cutting-edge research facilities at the CBR. Outreach members lead visitors through their lab, discuss instruments and techniques, and may even allow visitors to participate in a few demos.

Past groups we have hosted include: One Blood for Life, Science World Future Leaders, Sentinel Secondary School, and the Canadian Association for Girls in Science (CAGIS).