Principal Investigators

Investigators Affiliations Research Areas 
Agnes Lee Hematology/Medicine Hemostasis-thrombosis / thrombophilia; Clinical hematology
Ali Amid Department of Pediatrics/BCCH Thalassemia; Sickle cell disease; Red blood cell disorders; Iron hemostasis, Thrombosis
Aly Karsan Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Vascular biology; Myelodysplastic syndrome
Andrew Shih Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Appropriateness of transfusion, critical appraisal of research, best practice guidelines
Bob Hancock Microbiology & Immunology Host-pathogen interactions
Cedric Carter Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Hemostasis-thrombosis
Charles Haynes Chemical & Biological Engineering Linkage & binding; Protein diagnostics
Chieh Min (Ben)
Hematology & Oncology/VGH Antiphospholipid syndrome and other acquired thrombophilias
Chris Orvig Chemistry Medicinal inorganic chemistry
Chris Overall Oral Biological & Medical Sciences Matrix metalloproteinases; Cellular degradomics
Christian Kastrup Chemistry, Michael Smith Labs, Biomedical Engineeering Biochemical networks in coagulation
Dana Devine Pathology & Laboratory Medicine; Canadian Blood Services Platelets; Complement
Dieter Brömme Oral Biological & Medical Sciences Protease proteomics; Inflammation and Immunity
Don Brooks Pathology & Laboratory Medicine; Chemistry Protein-surface interactions; Biocompatible materials science
Ed Conway Hematology/Medicine Vascular biology; Hemostasis-thrombosis; Innate immunity
Ed Pryzdial Pathology & Laboratory Medicine; Canadian Blood Services Biochemistry of coagulation proteins & impact of infections
Fabio Rossi Medical Genetics Stem cell biology
Hayley Merkeley Hematology/Medicine Sickle cell disease, Thalassemia, Porphyria, Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)
Heather Leitch Hematology/Medicine Myelodysplasia; Iron chelation; Clinical hematology
Hélène Côté Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Mitochondrial toxicity of anti-microbials
Hongshen Ma Applied Science/Mechanical Engineering
Hugh Kim Dentistry
Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Polymer chemistry & biocompatible materials
Karen Cheung Applied Science/Electrical and Computer Engineering Biomedical technologies; emerging micro/nano technologies
Kate Chipperfield Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Transfusion medicine & thrombophilia
Kelly L. Brown Pediatrics & Rheumatology Childhood rheumatic disease
Kelly McNagny Medical Genetics Hematopoiesis; Mouse models of inflammation & sepsis
Leonard Foster Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Host-pathogen interactions
Mark Belletrutti Pediatric Hematologist, BCCH Childhood Diseases
Mark Scott Pathology & Laboratory Medicine; Canadian Blood Services Hematology and Immunology; Immunocamouflage of Blood Cells – Red Blood Cells, Leukocytes, and Platelets; Redox-Mediated Erythrocyte Injury; Anti-Viral Prophylaxis; Iron Chelators
Natalie Strynadka Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Protein structure determination
Paul Yenson Hematology/Medicine Transfusion science; Pheresis; Clinical hematology
Robert McMaster Medical Genetics Molecular immunology; Blood proteomics
Ross MacGillivray Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Structure and function of blood coagulation and metal binding proteins
Shannon Jackson Hematology/Medicine Hemostasis-thrombosis (Bleeding disorders); Clinical hematology
Tyler Smith Hematology/Medicine Laboratory coagulation testing and its clinical applications; Quality, efficiency, and utilization of laboratory testing
Wilfred Jefferies Microbiology & Immunology Host-pathogen interactions