The UBC Centre for Blood Research (CBR) hosts two major symposia on bleeding and blood-related disorders, as well as ongoing research seminars, professional development events and social events throughout the year.


Presenter speaking at the Norman Bethune Symposium, a major CBR symposium and annual CBR event

Norman Bethune Symposium

Held in the spring, the full-day Norman Bethune Symposium highlights recent research in bleeding and thrombosis, with participation from a range of scientists and clinicians at all levels of training. Learn more.


CBR members attending a CBR seminar, an ongoing CBR event

CBR Seminars

Held weekly, CBR seminars bring together the CBR community for insightful scientific talks. Speakers come from a variety of clinical, industry, and academic backgrounds, with CBR labs sharing their research during the summer months. Learn more.

Poster presenter speaking with attendee at the Earl W. Davie Symposium, a major CBR symposium and annual CBR event

Earl W. Davie Symposium

Held in the fall, the full-day Earl W. Davie Symposium features presentations by leading experts in vascular biology, hemostasis-thrombosis, and cardiovascular and neurologic disease. Learn more.


Student putting up their poster at Research Day, an annual CBR event

CBR Research Day

This half-day event takes place in August to celebrate the conclusion of the CBR Summer Studentship Program, where undergraduate students undertake a summer project in a CBR clinic or lab. Learn more.