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The Centre for Blood Research (CBR) encompasses over 40 research groups, with members located across the UBC campus, at Canadian teaching hospitals, and at other organizations dedicated to health and healthcare research. Reflecting on the CBR’s development over the years, Director, Dr. Dana Devine emphasized the Centre’s collaborative, interdisciplinary nature:

Dr. Dana DevineAt the end of the day, we’re trying to improve the lives of patients, which is a huge and complex issue. To tackle big-picture questions around patient treatment and care, you need a mix of both applied and basic scientific experts with different backgrounds and approaches to solving problems, from research areas outside of your own. It’s not something a single person can do by themselves.
— Dr. Dana Devine, CBR Director

In spite of the major advances at the CBR in pursuit of health through research in blood and blood-related processes, there is much to be done to improve the quality of life for our patients and the health of our province’s citizens. Your contributions will foster the development of future generations of well-educated, skilled scientists and physicians who are improving the health and well-being of individuals throughout the world. Thanks to your generosity, and under the leadership of Dr. Dana Devine, the CBR will be continuing to advance this important work.

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To learn more about CBR research, education and training initiatives in need of your support, please contact:

Dr. Dana Devine

CBR Director
Centre for Blood Research


Why Support the CBR?

Through your contributions, the CBR will improve health and well-being through:

  • Optimizing the quality of blood transfusions and fulfilling urgent needs in the blood system
  • Preventing and improving treatments for patients suffering from bleeding or clotting abnormalities
  • Finding cures for inflammatory and infectious diseases, such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, atherosclerosis and HIV-AIDS
  • Supporting the next generation of well-educated, multidisciplinary and skilled scientists and physicians, who understand the value of improving health and well-being of individuals throughout the world


Student Spotlight

“Before this summer, I knew very little about research and academics outside of the classroom, but I have now found a new (and renewed) love for science and research. My project allowed me to develop a hypothesis and follow through with experiments, building hands-on lab skills.


But some of the most valuable lessons I learnt during the Program were learnt out of the lab. Preparing and presenting my work to my peers and other scientists at Research Day was very beneficial — it was not only great practice for my presentation skills, but it tested my understanding of my own work. I was so honoured to have been awarded best presenter for my research talk.”


about her Summer Studentship Program experience

Sia Cecilia Jan-Abu with trees in the background. Text in the bottom right reads: #WomenInScience


Learn more about Sia, why she chose science, and her journey from a Summer Student to MSc Student in the McNagny Lab >>>

Dedicated Funds

Sheldon Naiman and Linda Vickars Hematology Endowment Fund

Shelly Naiman (left) & Linda Vickars (right)

As a husband and wife team, Drs. Sheldon (Shelly) Naiman and Linda Vickars devoted their careers to solving the puzzles of hematology, including bleeding and clotting disorders. Their passion to discover and enable further medical advances, particularly in the field of “non-malignant” hematology, is coming to fruition at the CBR, partly through the establishment of the Sheldon Naiman and Linda Vickars Hematology Endowment and a planned estate gift to the Centre.

Your gift will go towards:

  • Supporting science and medical trainees at all levels for their research, education and training in non-malignant hematology.
  • Helping a clinician-scientist perform research in non-malignant hematology
  • Supporting a visiting professor program, where leading scientist and clinician experts in non-malignant hematology are invited to teach and lecture at the Centre for Blood Research.

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Memorial Fund for Dr. Neil Mackenzie

Dr. Neil Mackenzie

Dr. Neil Mackenzie was a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Brömme’s lab at the CBR. A dedicated and caring mentor, Neil was not only an excellent scientist in the field of cardiovascular research, but also an outdoor enthusiast, avid hockey fan, and inspirational individual.

Your gift will go towards:

  • Supporting the CBR Summer Studentship Program. One of the largest and most progressive of its kind at UBC, the Program’s success relies entirely on the mentorship talents of postdoctoral fellows, research assistants and research associates. Your gift will support the creation of a gratifying and successful experience for summer students, one that sparks excitement and a quest for more knowledge.
  • Sustaining the Neil Mackenzie Mentorship Excellence Award. Your gift will foster mentorship at the CBR and recognize an individual who continues Neil’s legacy through outstanding commitment to mentorship and the development of others.

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Since 2011, the Summer Studentship Program has supported 180+ students on their journeys to scientific discovery and medical advancement. Your gift will support training for the next generation of researchers and clinicians. Support the Summer Studentship Program today >>>