CBR Research Day

CBR Research Day is an opportunity for students to showcase their summer research projects, hear an inspirational keynote talk, and celebrate the end of the CBR Summer Studentship Program in August.

The event provides an excellent opportunity for students to practice their presentation skills in front of an audience, and share their work with their peers and other labs. Students will have the opportunity to present their summer work through short talks and a poster presentation.

An overview of the day

  • Exciting short talks and poster presentations by summer students, showcasing their research
  • An inspirational keynote speaker from the sciences
  • Awards for student presentations, as well as a celebration of mentorship during the Neil Mackenzie Mentorship Award
  • A lively environment to celebrate the conclusion of the CBR Summer Studentship Program!

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Research Day

August 9, 2023 (More information will be included as it becomes available).

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Program: 2023 CBR Research Day Flyer

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