Supported CBR Programs

The following CBR Programs are made possible by the generous contributions from the Sheldon Naiman and Linda Vickars Hematology Endowment Fund:

Programs and Awards:

CBR Summer Studentship Program

The Summer Studentship Program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in a CBR lab and to present their research at a culminating summer event: CBR Research Day. Summer Studentship participants also engage in tours of several research-related facilities, research skills workshops, and social events throughout the summer, which are designed to complement and enhance their experience in the program. Supervised by CBR Principal Investigators, Research Associates, and Postdoctoral Fellows, the Summer Studentship Program is highly sought-after by undergraduates looking to understand firsthand what a career in research might be like. Participants are awarded $5,000 for the summer. Learn more about the Summer Studentship Program here.

CBR Graduate Award Program

The Graduate Award Program is available to CBR MSc and PhD students based on their academic achievements, the scientific merit of their proposed projects, and the potential benefit applicants will gain from participation in the program. Any graduate student supervised by a CBR Principal Investigator is eligible to apply and recipients are awarded $5,000. The program runs from September through June and includes regular journal club and research talk meetings, as well as an event designed, organized, and hosted by Graduate Award Program participants. Find out more about the Graduate Award Program here.

CBR Travel Awards

Travel awards are available to CBR Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates to supplement travel funding to attend conferences and other academic events that might otherwise not be possible for these CBR members. Four awards are given annually of $1,000 each. Throughout past years, recipients have attended and presented research at a wide variety of conferences and events in far-reaching corners of the country and the world. Upon their return, awardees write short reports on the conferences they attended and their experiences. Visit the CBR blog to read reports about travels to Liverpool, UK; Lorne, Australia; Atlanta, USA; Banff, Canada; as well as the 2017-2018 Travel Award recipients.


Norman Bethune Symposium

The Norman Bethune Symposium is an annual event hosted by the CBR to honour the memory of Dr. Norman Bethune, a Canadian physician who promoted universal access to health care and created the first mobile blood collection and distribution system. This one-day blood transfusion symposium brings together clinicians, researchers, trainees, and the public with a series of talks given by those at all levels of training. Patients also offer their perspectives on how transfusion medicine is impacting their lives, and trainees present posters showcasing their research projects. Learn about Dr. Norman Bethune here, and find out more about the Norman Bethune Symposium here. Visit the CBR blog for the latest post about the most recent Norman Bethune Symposium.

Earl W. Davie Symposium

The Earl Davie Symposium is an annual one-day event hosted by the CBR in honour of Dr. Earl W. Davie. Dr. Davie is Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at the University of Washington and is known for developing the revolutionary Waterfall Sequence for Blood Clotting, among many other achievements in coagulation research. The Earl Davie Symposium features presentations by local experts in vascular biology, hemostasis-thrombosis, cardiovascular and neurologic disease. Patients also offer their stories about how research in the area of blood coagulation is making a difference in their lives. Additionally, trainees have the opportunity to present research talks and posters at the symposium to highlight their work. Read more about the Earl W. Davie Symposium here. Visit the CBR blog to read the latest post about the Earl Davie Symposium.

CBR Research Day

CBR Research Day is the culminating event for the Summer Studentship Program and highlights the research of the undergraduate students who have undertaken a summer project in a clinic or a lab under the supervision of a CBR Principal Investigator, Research Associate, or Postdoctoral Fellow. All summer students present their summer work with a PowerPoint and a poster presentation. This is an amazing training opportunity for undergraduate students involved in CBR research to practice their presentation skills and for all trainees to learn about the work being done in CBR labs. This annual event also features an interesting and inspiring keynote speaker each year. Find out more about Research Day here. Visit the CBR blog to read about the latest Research Day.


CBR Seminar Series

Every Wednesday, the CBR offers a weekly one-hour seminar that is free and open to all CBR members, as well as the public. During the academic year (September – May), seminars feature scientists from academia, industry, and the public sector who give talks about their latest work. During the summer months (June – August), seminars take on a different format and feature CBR Principal Investigators, their students, and the breadth and depth of their current research. PIs and trainees give short talks and answer audience questions about their projects, helping to expose CBR members to the diverse research happening in various CBR labs. Learn more about the academic year Seminar Series here. Find out about the Summer Seminar Series here.