The CBR is a virtual institute, with members occupying research space and performing clinical duties throughout the UBC campus, the affiliated Vancouver clinical and teaching hospitals, and the BC Cancer Agency. CBR research space at the Life Sciences Centre encompasses 35,000 square feet on the 4th floor and contains state-of-the-art facilities for research. The CBR is an integral member of the LSI, which has research groups in immunology, cardiovascular, cell and developmental biology, diabetes, infection, inflammation, immunity, and molecular epigenetics. Multi-user facilities in the LSC include macromolecular characterization, mammalian cell production, mass spectrometry, plasma fractionation, protein purification, single cell fermentation, mass spectroscopy & kinetics, x-ray crystallography, and a state-of-the-art mouse modeling facility.

Beyond the LSC, CBR members have routine access to numerous additional world class research and clinical facilities. The CBR also has a close partnership with the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics (LMB), a virtual laboratory involving over 40 scientists at UBC. The LMB has eight scientific hubs on campus, three of which are physically located at the CBR laboratories in the LSC.

Physician members of the CBR play central roles at the affiliated Vancouver clinical and teaching hospitals, and thus are a crucial link to solve clinically important problems that depend on cyclical bench-to-bedside interactions. Their participation provides an excellent opportunity to clearly identify and contribute to critically needed blood-related research areas that are ultimately relevant to the patient.

Overall, the availability of vast resources at the CBR and its partners throughout the UBC creates a unique environment for trainees and collaborations in multiple disciplines.