All CBR Seminars are held from 1-2pm at the following location (unless otherwise stated):

Room LSC3
Life Sciences Centre at UBC Point Grey Campus
2350 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z3

If you would like to arrange a meeting with one of our speakers, please contact Mira Milutinovic, Office Manager at

Link to Live Online Seminar

*Please note that due to some technical difficulties we are unable to webcast this seminar

Career Lunches

Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students at the CBR are encouraged to join seminar series speakers for lunch.  The CBR will cover the cost of lunch.  To encourage engagement we would ask that lunches are limited to 6 people (including speaker).

2019/20 Seminar Series
Date Name Affiliation Title
Abstract Host
September 11, 2019 Dr. Paul S. Frenette Albert Einstein College of Medicine “Neutrophils, stress and sickle cell disease” Scott
September 25, 2019 Dr. Ze Zheng Columbia University Irving Medical Centre “Hepatocyte tPA: From Liver to Blood and Beyond” Conway
October 16, 2019 Dr. Eric Mullins Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre “Should I Stay or Should I Go: Fibrin(ogen) and Fibrinolysis
in Neuroinflammation”
November 6, 2019 Dr. Doug Cines University of Pennsylvania Kim
November 27, 2019 Dr. Jacqueline Quandt Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC Conway