CBR Members: Sun Run Fun 2016

AnnaBy Anna Sinova, CBR Program Manager

The Vancouver Sun Run attracted 43,000 participants this past Sunday, April 17th, 2016. Among them, nineteen CBR members of all levels of fitness and preparation took on the 10 kilometer road race.

The Vancouver Sun Run is Canada’s largest 10K road race and is now the 3rd largest timed 10K in the world. The Run is meant to promote running as a way to improve community health and fitness.

The CBR Runners, representing the Conway, Kim, Devine, Overall, Kast, Hancock, Cote, Strynadka, McNagny, and Rossi labs, united their strength to complete this annual event, despite the many distractions.


L to R: Marco Rossi, Simi Karwal, Deb Chen, Peter Zoescher, Tara Fernandez, Linnette Ocariza, Victor Lei

Jade Varell from Overall’s lab was almost lured away from the race when “people, who opened up a ‘tiki bar’ on their front lawn, were tempting participants with frying pans of bacon and chilled cocktails to stop them from running.”

However, with the live music, the entertaining costumes, and thousands of supporters that came to cheer the participants along the way during the Sunday Race, the kilometers flew by.

Andrew Alexander, a PhD Candidate in Natalie Strynadka’s lab, had the fastest time of the CBR team and beat his personal best, but didn’t quite reach his goal of 40 minutes, falling short by 5 seconds. Mike Hughes, a Research Associate in Kelly McNagny’s lab came a close second with 42 minutes and 3 seconds. Deb Chen was the fastest female runner on the CBR team with 52 minutes and 46 seconds.

For a few CBR members, this was the first time participating in the 10K race. Peter Zoescher and Simi Karwal from Dana Devine’s group started running only recently and Sun Run was a great personal accomplishment for both of them.

Fabio Rossi, a CBR PI, brought his son, Marco, with him to the race, making Marco the youngest of the CBR team members. “Marco pushed himself to the limit and his time wasn’t bad for a 12 year old on his first race: 1:04” – said the proud dad.

“My favorite part of the whole event was when the announcer called out my name at the finish line… ‘Representing the Centre for Blood Research… TARA FERNANDEZ!! … and the crowd went wild’ – shared Tara, a Postdoc at Conway’s lab.

The Sun Run was an exhilarating and inspiring event. Thank you all for representing the CBR at the Sun Run 2016!

The participants ordered by first name:

Andrew Alexander, Strynadka Lab
Deb Chen, Devine Lab
Diana Canals, McNagny Lab
Enoli De Silva, Kim Lab
Evan Haney, Hancock Lab
Fabio Rossi, Rossi Lab
Hugh Kim, Kim Lab
Jade Varelle, Overall Lab
Linnette Ocariza, Conway Lab
Marco Rossi, Rossi Lab
Michael Hughes, McNagny Lab
Michael Trimble, Hancock Lab
Peter Zoescher, Devine Lab
Ru Li, Kast Lab
Sara Saberi, Cote Lab
Simi Karwal, Devine Lab
Simon Abbey, Overall Lab
Tara Fernandez, Conway Lab
Victor Lei, Conway Lab