CBR finishes 3rd at the 2024 Vancouver Sun Run

The 2024 Vancouver Sun Run attracted 45,517 participants this past Sunday, April 21st – the largest turnout since 2014. Among them, 13 CBR members of all levels of fitness and preparation took on the 10K team road race. We are very proud of this year’s team! The CBR team placed 3rd out of 51 teams in the 10K team results, education category. Congratulations, Team CBR!

Runners lined up for the Vancouver Sun Run 2024. Photo credits: Cheryl Pfeifer.

Runners lined up for the Vancouver Sun Run 2024. Photo credits: Cheryl Pfeifer.

The Vancouver Sun Run is Canada’s largest 10K road race and is now the 3rd largest timed 10K in North America. The Run is meant to promote running as a way to improve health and fitness, as well as support elite amateur athletics.

Allen Xu, a Postdoctoral Fellow in Jim Sun’s lab, had the fastest time of the CBR team at 39:15. Matthew Thibodeau, PhD Candidate, Strynadka Lab and John Perrier, Masters Student, Pryzdial Lab were both close in time as the second and third CBR finishers at 45:06 and 45:10. Lauren Puumala, Graduate Student, Cheung Lab was the fastest female runner on the CBR team with 46 minutes and 55 seconds.

Thank you to all runners for representing CBR at the Vancouver Sun Run 2024!

Participants (Alphabetically by first name)

  • Allen Xu, Sun Lab
  • Cheryl Pfeifer, Jefferies Lab
  • Eliana Al Haddad, Jefferies Lab
  • Erik Lamoureux, Ma Lab
  • Hong Ma, Ma Lab
  • Hugh Kim, Kim Lab
  • John Perrier, Pryzdial Lab
  • Kaity Ryan, Professor, UBC
  • Lauren Puumala, Cheung Lab
  • Matthew Thibodeau, Strynadka Lab
  • Rachel Wang, Devine Lab
  • Stephanie Besoiu, Jefferies Lab
  • Wesley Mosimann, Strynadka Lab