How Many Scientists Does It Take To Sink A Ferry?

George ButlerBy Georgina Butler, Research Associate, Overall Lab

Research Associates (RAs) and Post-Doctoral Fellows (PDFs) form the backbone of any lab, and the CBR boasts 25 RAs and 40 PDFs amongst its 30 or so labs. It makes sense then, to have a forum where these scientists can interact to foster peer support and collaboration, taking advantage of their expertise in an array of different areas.

On April 18th, 2018, 6 RAs, 12 PDFs, and our education coordinator extraordinaire, Julie Kora, got together at UBC’s Loon Lake Lodge in Maple Ridge, BC for the inaugural CBR RA/PDF Retreat. The ice was broken immediately by a combination of being in our socks, having the best buns in town (cinnamon variety!) and playing “truth, truth, lie”. We vetoed slides in favour of a large round-table approach (minus the table). We took turns describing our research interests which stimulated informal question and answer interludes, interrupted only by a delicious lunch filled with more discussion. The collective enthusiasm and brain power in the room was profound.

Though sorely tempted by the comfortable-looking beds in the lodge, we ventured outside and attempted to cross the lake on the hand-drawn ferry. Apparently having depleted our brain power earlier, it took a while to figure out that we needed two trips to get us all across with dry feet. We took a stroll through the forest, eventually ending up at a garden shed! After a snack and more bonding games, our retreat drew to an end.

CRB postdocs

We all agreed that the day had been worthwhile and should be repeated, perhaps when there are options for some additional team-building activities like canoeing, climbing and a high-ropes course.

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