“Squeeze-ability” of a red blood cell: The deformability of red blood cells is a useful biomarker for storage quality

“Squeeze-ability” of a red blood cell: The deformability of red blood cells is a useful biomarker for storage quality

CBR scientists found that red blood cell deformability – its ability to squeeze and change shape – could be a useful biomarker for storage quality.

Child looking through microscope

Dr. Kelly Brown leads evaluation of the utility of adult-defined biomarkers in pediatric vasculitis with CIHR Fall 2021 Project Grant

With a CIHR Fall 2021 Project Grant, Dr. Kelly Brown is leading a project to better understand and treat pediatric vasculitis.

Nicolas Pereyra, who was one of the UBC 3MT finalists and a MSc Student in the Devine Lab

UBC 3MT finalist calls for more science communication

UBC 3MT finalist Nicolas Pereyra shares his research on extending the shelf-life of platelets, and thoughts on science communication.

Dr. Narges Hadjesfandiari, Dr. Katherine Serrano and Dr. Elena Levin next to blood bags in Dr. Dana Devine’s lab at the Centre for Blood Research.

Research answers questions about infusion pumps’ effect on red blood cells

A study from Dr. Narges Hadjesfandiari and colleagues investigates infusion pumps’ effect on red blood cells.

Doctor conducting a checkup person in wheelchair

Cancer drug shows potential as treatment for muscular dystrophy

UBC researchers have discovered that an existing cancer drug could have potential as a treatment for muscular dystrophy.

Fine-tuning fibrin(ogen)

Fine-tuning fibrin(ogen)

In a recent paper, Kastrup Lab members have devised a strategy to modulate fibrinogen expression using LNP delivery of siRNAs.

Isolatrix, single-cell sequencing instrument

“Accelerating science”: The development of Isolatrix for single cell isolation

Researchers from Dr. Karen Cheung’s lab are developing Isolatrix, an innovative instrument that performs highly precise single cell isolation.

Honeybee scientist Abigail Chapman

A day in the life of a honeybee scientist

With photos and writing, Rhonda Thygesen gives a unique look into the daily life of honeybee scientist Abigail Chapman.

Jaya Rastogi

Lay Science Writing Competition runner up: Queer identity and blood donation

Read Jaya Rastogi’s entry to this year’s Lay Science Writing Competition, which seeks to understand the perspectives of young adults on sex and gender questions asked during blood donor screening.

Parth Patel and colleagues from Dr. Jason Acker’s laboratory, Edmonton, AB.

Lay Science Writing Competition runner up: The greatest tool in research 

Read the runner-up entry to this year’s “Science behind the scenes” Lay Science Writing Competition. Parth Patel’s heartfelt piece pays homage to what he describes as research’s greatest tools – his lab mates and colleagues.