Attendees listening to talks at the 11th Norman Bethune Symposium.

Norman Bethune Symposium 2022 Recording

Watch the Norman Bethune Symposium 2022 recording. The event features leading experts in bleeding and thrombosis.

In-person attendees at the 15th Earl W. Davie Symposium 2021

Earl W. Davie Symposium 2021 Recording

Watch the recording of the 15th Earl W. Davie Symposium, which features speakers on vascular biology, hemostasis-thrombosis, and more.

Zoom screenshot of summer student presenters from the CBR-SBME Research Day 2021 recording

CBR-SBME Research Day 2021 Recording

The CBR-SBME Research Day 2021 recording showcases the work of 35+ summer students that was shared during CBR-SBME Research Day 2021.

Zoom screenshot of panelists from the BCCHR-CBR-SBME Career Exploration Panel

BCCHR-CBR-SBME Career Exploration Panel

The BCCHR-CBR-SBME Career Exploration Panel saw a range of professionals from industry, academia and beyond who shared career insights with summer students.

The opening slide of the Symposium in Honour of Ed Conway, with a schedule and plaque celebrating Ed's achievements

CBR Symposium in Honour of Dr. Ed Conway – Apr 15, 2021

This playlist is a 3-part recording the Symposium in Honour of Dr. Ed Conway, which took place online via Zoom on Thursday April 15, 2021.

Sarah Bowers waving at the camera while being filmed for a Science at Home video. She is wearing a white T-shirt with the Cassie and Friends logo.

Science @ Home – Banana DNA presented by the Brown Lab

In partnership with Cassie + Friends, the Brown Lab is excited to be bringing you ‘Science at Home – DNA from a Banana’. This is a fun science activity that kids can conduct with supplies you may already have at home!