2018-2019 CBR Postdoctoral Fellow & Research Associate Travel Awards

Once a year, the Centre for Blood Research (CBR) provides travel awards to Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates to aid in their travel to conferences and academic events. Any UBC Postdoctoral Fellow or Research Associate is eligible to apply, provided they have not received an award within the last year. Each award offers up to $1,000 to supplement other funding sources. Consistently throughout the years, recipients have attended, then presented their research at a diverse range of informative and exhilarating conferences. Upon their return, awardees write short reports on the conferences they attended and their experiences. These are posted on the CBR website.

Congratulations to the following award recipients!


Dr. Pierre-Marie AndraultBrömme Lab

Attended the Atherosclerosis Gordon Research Conference in Newry, Maine, USA

Dr. Narges Hadjesfandiari, Devine Lab

Attended the AABB conference in San Antonio, Texas, USA


Dr. Michael Hughes, McNagny Lab

Attended the Immunochemistry and Immunobiology Gordon Research Conference in Mt. Snow, Vermont, USA 

Dr. Amy Lee, Hancock Lab

Attended the Systems Immunology Cold Spring Harbor Meeting in New York, USA


Dr. Kerryn Matthews, Ma Lab

Attended the SLAS Conference in Washington DC, USA

SayyedSoroush NasseriCheung Lab

Attended the MicroTAS in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Dr. Erika Siren, Kizhakkedathu Lab

Attended the Canadian Science Policy Conference in Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Hesham Soliman, Rossi Lab

Attended the Keystone Symposia: Single Cell Biology Conference in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA