The Box

George ButlerBy Dr. Georgina Butler, Research Associate, Overall Lab

CBS box

Human blood products are transported using the Canadian Blood Services box.

At the Centre for Blood Research, my research typically embraces out-of-the-box thinking, addressing biological problems from an open-minded standpoint to gain novel insights. However, recently, I was forced to focus on what’s inside the box, namely the Canadian Blood Services box for transporting human blood products. In the CBR labs, the CBS box is a regular sight, so common-place that one might take it for granted. However, I recently realized how extra-ordinary each box of blood truly is.

Recently, one of my sons experienced a major bleed and was transported by ambulance to the Emergency Department at BC Children’s Hospital. Quite frankly, it was terrifying. Shortly after our arrival in the ER, that familiar box containing human blood arrived. It is hard to put into words how reassuring it was to have that box close at hand, what it meant to know that it was there should he need it. Fortunately, with the help of some clot-stabilizing tranexamic acid, the box remained unopened. The box accompanied us to the intensive care unit. Every time I looked at that box during the night, I felt comforted. When another CBS box accompanied him to the OR a few days later, again, I was reassured that he would be safe.

In the future when I see the CBS box about the CBR, I will be reminded how grateful I am to the special individuals who donate their blood for the sake of others. Hopefully, through the research that we do in the CBR, we will be able to repay the gift.

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