Science @ Home – Banana DNA presented by the Brown Lab

A version of this story was originally posted on the Cassie+Friends website.

Sarah Bowers of the Centre for Blood Research and the Brown Lab located at BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute in Vancouver, BC, is back with another Science At Home experiment. Follow along with Sarah, a pediatric rheumatic disease researcher, as she demonstrates how to extract DNA from a banana. You may remember Sarah from the Brown Lab’s first video, Science @ Home Video, Purple Cabbage Chemistry.

A message from the Brown Lab:
In partnership with Cassie + Friends, we are excited to be bringing you ‘Science at Home – DNA from a Banana’. This is a fun science activity that you can conduct with supplies you may already have at home! Before getting started, kids and adults should review the supply list and instructions here. Then, you can follow along with us at home using this video below!


If you haven’t checked out Cassie+Friends’s other science projects with The Brown Lab, including an interview with researcher, Sarah Bowers, explaining more about Cassie+Friends’s research into safer and more effective treatment strategies for kids with rheumatic conditions, click here.  You can also check out the COVID-19 information written by the research team including Coronaviruses: The Basics and Testing for COVID-19 Testing: FAQs Explained by the Brown Lab.

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