Neil Mackenzie Mentorship Excellence Award

CBR is proud to announce a new award: the Neil Mackenzie Mentorship Excellence Award!


Dr. Neil MacKenzie

In memory of Dr. Neil Mackenzie, a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Bromme’s lab, who was an outstanding mentor to his students and colleagues, CBR has created an award to recognize our dedicated members’ who are making a difference in their labs.

Mentorship is one of the most important determinants of a successful career, yet it is often a component of career development that, while prized by recipients, is rarely rewarded. Now, we would like to change that and give our members an opportunity to nominate someone who is making a difference in the people’s lives!

Any CBR member (except PIs) can be nominated by completing the Mackenzie Mentorship Award nomination form.

This year’s winner will be recognized and awarded at the CBR Research Day.

Of course this only works if YOU download the form and nominate someone! Please send your nomination to the CBR Education Program Manager.




  • All current CBR staff members, trainees, PDFs and RAs (not PIs) are eligible to be nominated.
  • CBR members may nominate a candidate by completing this form and sending it to the CBR Education Program Manager. Nominations will be evaluated by the CBR Steering Committee. Award recipients will be announced at a special ceremony on CBR Research Day, where they will receive a recognition award.
  • All funds raised in recognition of Neil’s service to the CBR community will support the CBR mentorship efforts and the summer studentship program.

**Even if your nominee doesn’t win, they will be notified that they were nominated, so you can make someone’s day!**