CBR Research Day 2010

One of the unique and valued features of the CBR is that it fosters translational research across multiple disciplines, with a focus on solving clinically relevant problems related to blood, blood diseases and blood processes.  Multiple CBR events throughout the year encourage and facilitate interactions between CBR group members.  The annual CBR Research Day is one such event.

On August 24th 2010, over 150 CBR faculty, staff, students and technicians gathered in the atrium of the Life Sciences Centre at UBC to highlight and share their recent research accomplishments, seeking valued input and ideas from others and identifying new collaborations.  This event, kindly sponsored by Pfizer Canada, enticed CBR members from throughout UBC and the affiliated hospitals and institutions, to prepare and present over 85 posters …. which covered the entire floor of the atrium!

All of the CBR research themes were well-represented, with abstracts describing, for example, intriguing approaches to solve unusual bleeding disorders, reports of novel techniques to select best-treatments for a range of infections including HIV, new insights into platelet storage defects, innovative techniques to overcome antibiotic resistance, advances in tissue repair mechanisms, new knowledge as to the origins of vascular smooth muscle cells …. and so many more!  And managers of our CBR core hubs and suites also showcased their cutting-edge technologies, demonstrating how they continue to enhance the quality of research at the CBR.

In just a few short hours, CBR scientists from “all walks of life” casually met and chatted, got “infected” with the enthusiasm of colleagues, students and technicians showing their posters, identified some of the latest developments in the lab and in the clinic, and discussed ongoing and emerging challenges and potential solutions.  Back in the lab, Caroline Bellac, a Postdoc of Chris Overall, summed up her CBR Research Day experience: “There are many groups within the CBR assessing different aspects of inflammation, and the CBR Research Day was an excellent opportunity to get an overview of which group is working on what …. In my case, I set up 3 new collaborations with different CBR members, with the aim to progress faster, profiting from the expertise of other scientists.”

Finally, what better way to wind up a stimulating, educational afternoon, but with a BBQ and a raffle for 3 travel awards?

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