Bike to Work Week: CBR-LSC team has beat all records!

Anna SinovaBy Anna Sinova, the Education Coordinator, CBR

Gesa Volkers, PDF, CBR

Congratulations to the Life Sciences Centre (LSC) Bike to Work Week team on their win!

Twenty nine riders on the LSC team, of which 15 were members of the CBR, competed against other UBC teams and cycled to the 1st place. Over the span of a week, they logged 231 trips for a total of 2,500 km, beating the second place team (UBC Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences) by almost 500 km!

Under the captain-ship of Dr. Geraldine Walsh, a Scientific Writer for Canadian Blood Services, the LSC team has grown over the years and reached the highest level of participation to date, with many team members hitting the triple digits for number of kilometers cycled. Farnaz Taghizadeh, PDF in Dr. Johnson lab, led the charge with 225 km logged over 5 days!

Geraldine was impressed and inspired by their results this year: “This BTWW has been fantastic for the LSC team. What an amazing and inspiring bunch!” She mentioned that she rides her bike all year around but Bike to Work Week lets her connect with fellow riders and to be an advocate for cycling. Biking to work has also been claimed to increase productivity, health and happiness!

The LSC-CBR team was indispensable in UBC rising to the top once again among the Metro Vancouver organizations. With over 362 riders in 42 teams, UBC community logged an impressive 21,200 km.

Keep your eye out for the Bike to Work Week in the Fall and help our team grow even more!

Participants of the Bike to Work Week Team:

CBR participants LSC participants

deb biking

Deb Chen, PhD Candidate, CBR

Geraldine Walsh Farnaz Taghizadeh
Ulrich Eckhard Mark Mathew
Katherine Serrano Greta Raymant
Gesa Volkers Jenny Vermeulen
Brianne Burkinshaw Neal Mathew
Franziska Lederer Verena Goebeler
Georgina Butler Sarah Garner
Jaclyn Rollins Sø s Skovsø¸
Emilie Lameignere Andy Johnson
Peter Schubert Angela Miller
Tara Fernandez Jason Grigg
 Deb Chen Mariko Ikehata
Kent Fawcett Marek Kobylarz
Cameron Parro Karina Simonsen
Michael Sutherland


Congratulations all on your win and keep cycling!