Third Annual CBR Student Research Day – Great Success!

A unique and valued feature of the CBR is that it fosters the careers of young scientists to explore translational research opportunities across multiple disciplines, with a focus on solving clinically relevant problems related to blood, blood diseases and blood processes. Each year, with the support of multiple sponsors, CBR investigators and their teams supervise summer students, challenging them with difficult projects. The students rose to the occasion, and this was clearly evident on this sunny, warm and exciting CBR Research Day held at the LSC on August 16, 2012.

This year, we introduced a new format. Each of the 12 summer students presented 3 minute powerpoint talks to a packed audience of over 150 people – faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, technicians and others. It was an extraordinary sight, as they demonstrated their knowledge, skills and accomplishments. Students ranked each other for the first place award – a tight race, as they were all terrific. All involved should be proud … which is why everyone, in the end, received an award!

Following a masterful introduction by Prof. Grant Mauk, we were then honoured by the participation of Prof. Julian Davies, who gave an informative and entertaining keynote address on why “Small is Beautiful”. His insights and enthusiasm captured everyone’s attention and imagination ….  a perfect wind-up to the formal talks, and an excellent lead-in to the rest of the day.

As in previous years, CBR members enjoyed the afternoon, viewing the over 50 poster presentations prepared by faculty, staff, students and technicians. All of the CBR research themes were well-represented, ideas and technologies were shared, and new collaborations were established. The BBQ and drink kept everyone more than satisfied!

We wish to thank all of our sponsors (Bayer, Canadian Blood Services, CSL-Behring, Grifols, Nikon, Novartis, Novo NordiskRoche) for providing unrestricted grants to support the summer students, and Pfizer for supporting the Research Day events and awards.

The CBR wishes all the students – Adam, Charlie, Diana, Joanne, Heather, Jason, Jessie, Leena, Shannon, So Ra Lee, Judy, Steven, Deb, Parker, Jenny – great success!!

And for more photos (and there were lots), go to the CBR Facebook Page.

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