Risk Management Frameworks For Workplace Safety

Originally posted on UBC Research Innovation


Project Lead(s): ecoMINE

UBC Project Lead(s): Karen CheungLukas Chrostowski

Other Collaborators & Partners:Patriot One, University of British Columbia

Funding: Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster COVID-19 program

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Diagnostics, Genomics & Transmission Dynamics
As Canada and other countries develop strategies for economic recovery and returning to business, the challenge each government and business faces will be how to develop solutions that can mitigate COVID-19 spread and the risks to a safe return to places of employment. In this COVID-19 Screening Project, ecoMine, a Vancouver-based biochemistry company, will assess the feasibility of its innovative, low-cost, on-the-spot screening technology for the detection of COVID-19. With the support of Patriot One, Canada’s leader in visible and invisible threat detection, the ecoMine COVID-19 Screening Project will also develop a roadmap for integrating on-the-spot screening results into secure data architectures, to provide a holistic approach to public health and safety.