A day in the life of a honeybee scientist

Bio photo of Rhonda Thygesen, author of "A day in the life of a honeybee scientist"Bio photo of Nancy YangPhotography and writing by: Rhonda Thygesen, MSc Student, Foster Lab (right)

Edited by: Nancy Yang, MSc Student, Côté Lab (left)



This piece is part of the “Day in the Life of a Scientist” series, where Rhonda Thygesen uses photography and writing to give a unique lens into the daily lives of CBR researchers. In this piece, she covers the research of PhD student Abigail Chapman – learn more below!

If you are a CBR member who is interested in being featured as the next “subject” of the series, please email Kristine Ho, Communications Coordinator (kristine.ho@ubc.ca).

About the subject

Abigail Chapman is a 3rd year PhD student at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Centre for Blood Research (CBR), under the supervision of Dr. Leonard Foster.

Within the lab, she’s researching how viral infections affect the reproductive ability of honeybee queens. When Abbi is not working with bees, she can usually be found outside — skiing, hiking, biking, or backpacking.