CBR Health and Wellness Committee 2017-18 Health Challenge

By Anna Sinova, CBR Education Program Manager

The CBR Health and Wellness (H&W) Committee has celebrated its 1 year anniversary with a renewal of the UBC Health and Wellness Funding! The extra dollars now enable us to continue bringing you an excellent line-up of fun activities and events until May 2018.

The H&W Committee was established last year with the goal to create an inclusive, supportive and connected community among the CBR members, while participating in social and physical activities. Health and well-being are at the forefront of the Committee’s work, especially as they strive to support the CBR members in staying engaged, focused and productive at work, while providing much needed R&R.

This year the H&W Committee hopes to channel their energy into creating a stronger, more unified health and wellness program, using our experiences and successes from the previous year. The focus this year is on community, healthy eating, regular exercise and activities that help keep physical and mental wellness in check. And it comes with a whole new format of a Lab Health Challenge, where individuals and labs can earn H&W Stars for participating in the events.

Every month, our newsletter will highlight the lab which is at the forefront of the challenge; so make sure to keep your H&W Stars current!

On October 31st, we will sum up the total scores and identify the CBR H&W Star Team, which will receive a lab lunch sponsored by the H&W Committee. The CBR H&W Champion will receive a unique one-of-a-kind prize!

The easiest way to earn Stars is to participate in challenges, such as the Stairs Challenge or the Bike to Work Week Challenge, and to encourage your lab members and PI to attend the CBR’s social events and activities that will be coming up every month.

Watch for emails about the upcoming activities, sign up for the events and collect your H&W Stars!

Upcoming Events:

Bike To Work Week

May 29 – June 4

10 H&W Stars


CBR Amazing Race

June 9 | 3 – 4.30PM

3 H&W Stars (for running and hosting)



June 9 | 4.30 – 6PM

1 H&W Stars


CBR Dragonboating

July 21 | 3 – 5PM

3 H&W Stars
P.S. The H&W Committee is always open to new members. If interested in getting involved, email anna.sinova@ubc.ca.

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