Blood is Bonding

By Dr. Georgina Butler, Research Associate, Overall Lab

February is “The Month of Love” and CBR’s Overall lab took the opportunity for an alternative lab bonding experience. Canadian Blood Services Research Centre for Innovation netCAD Blood4Research Facility needed 500 donations for evaluation of new whole blood collection packs. Instead of bowling or pub night, we booked a slot at netCAD for a group blood donation. For many of us from countries ineligible to donate in the regular system, it was our first blood donation. We enjoyed the guilt-free eating of sweet and salty snacks and even had a competition which was won by Marli – who filled her bag with 488 mL in just 4 minutes, 28 seconds! We bumped into Dr. Stefanie Novakowski, an alumna of the Kastrup lab who said, “I used blood throughout my 5 year PhD, so I’m here to give back”. Why not consider a visit to netCAD for your next team-building event?