Artistic Expression: Showcasing Talent in the CBR Cover Art Contest

We were so excited to see so many entries for this round of the CBR Cover Art Contest! Our CBR members are incredibly talented and have a great eye for artwork. Congratulations to Eliana Al Haddad! Her entry was featured on the front cover of the April 2024 CBR Magazine and given out at the 12th Annual Norman Bethune Symposium.

Read the April 2024 issue of the CBR Magazine.


Entry 1: Sun(flower) of my Heart - A watercolour painting I created to convey a fusion of the organic and natural world, symbolizing life, growth, and vitality stemming from within.

Entry 2 & 3: That Sneaky Virus - A tunnelling nanotube containing SARS-CoV-2 stretching between human lung epithelial cells. By looking at proteins that interact with the main protease of SARS-CoV-2, we discovered that this protease stimulates the formation of TNTs to mediate immune-protected spread of the virus to uninfected cells.

Entry 4, 5 & 6: Luminous Adiposity during glucose uptake - In a luminous portrayal of metabolic function, fluorescence green reveals the glucose uptake within adipocytes from mice fat tissue, a radiant testament to the dynamic interplay between cellular machinery and the sustenance of life.

Entry 7: Mouse VSMC Stained for Alpha SMA (Red) - To validate the cell identity for functional assy, this staining confirms the purity of vascular smooth muscle cells prepared from isolated mouse aorta.

Entry 8: Is that Boba or Champagne? - Immune cells (green) and fibroblasts (red) seem to be floating around in the lung. You can imagine them dancing and moving like pearls in boba tea or bubbles in Champagne.

Entry 9: Nervous Nature - Neural cells trying to extend their axons out of the cell body in our developed matrix. If the matrix is suitable enough, axons can grow out of the cell body, just like a tree that can grow on a rock under suitable condition.