2nd Year Anniversary for UBC Bleeding Disorders Collaboratory

The overarching goal of the UBC Bleeding Disorders Collaboratory (UBC-BDC), established in 2012,  is to bring together all of the key players involved in the care of individuals with bleeding disorders – clinicians, basic scientists, students at all levels, technicians, technologists, nurses, physiotherapists, orthopedists, and more – to  solve the urgent problems faced by patients.

On October 6, 2014, several members of the UBC-BDC from St. Paul’s Hospital, BC Children’s Hospital, UBC’s Centre for Blood Research (CBR) and  Bayer Inc. celebrated over 2 years of this extraordinary “experiment”.  In attendance at what can only be described as an inspiring evening of presentations and discussion, was Shannon Jackson, John Wu, Paul Yenson, Ross MacGillivray, Ed Conway, Erica Crilly, Celina Woo, Lawren De Marchi, Deb Gue, Kam McIntosh, Sandra Squire, Alexia Silva, Maria Romano, Rena Battistella, Marius Gangal, Jan North and Daniel Lamothe.

Bayer COE Fall dinner 2014The value of a personalized and comprehensive team approach to caring for patients with inherited bleeding disorders resonated.  The clinical teams at both sites – adult and pediatric – work seamlessly and enthusiastically, with the sole aim to provide the highest quality support and care for patients and families, establishing meaningful and trusting relationships. All are involved. All are important. With critical resources enabled by Bayer’s support, the programs at all sites are rapidly improving, with the introduction of advanced technologies to facilitate new ventures in monitoring (e.g. high resolution ultrasounds for joint bleeds), with opportunities to train, to educate, and to perform meaningful research – from the basic to the applied.

In spite of advances, challenges remain. The unique partnership between Bayer Inc. and UBC is a perfect example of how industry and academia can work together to meet those challenges, to the benefit of patients and their families.

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