Nominees for the 2016 Neil Mackenzie Excellence Award

Congratulations to the nominees and thank you to everyone who nominated someone!

In honor of Neil Mackenzie, the Centre for Blood Research offers an award in his name to recognize the mentorship excellence in the CBR community. Any CBR member (with the exception of PIs) could be nominated for this award by their colleagues and lab mates. The nomination process was no easy task, considering that nominators had to write a 500-word essay, describing why their deserving mentor should receive the award.
This year, we have recequoteived 22 nominations highlighting the incredible efforts and achievements of 16 CBR mentors. The winner for the 2016 Neil Mackenzie Mentorship Excellence Award will be announced at the CBR Research Day on August 16th at 2.30pm at the LSC 3. If you have been nominated, please attend, as anyone can be the winner!

In the next few days, a committee consisting of Neil Mackenzie’s closest friends and colleagues have the difficult job of selecting only a single person out of a large number of wonderful, caring CBR mentors, to exemplify Neil’s qualities and his dedication to mentorship.

On behalf of CBR, we would like to express our heartfelt thank you to all the nominees for making a difference in the lives of people around you. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and commitment to helping others be the best they can be and for being a caring, encouraging and inspiring mentor. It is wonderful to have people like you work at the CBR and we have all undoubtedly been touched by your presence!

2016 Neil Mackenzie Mentorship Excellence Award Nominees:

Abhinav Ajaykumar Evan Haney Katherine Serrano Sean Workman
Anthony Hsieh Georgine Butler Michael Sutherland Srinivas Abbina
Diana Canals Hernaez Iren Constantinescu Sarah Mansour Val Smith
Erika Siren Jenny Chik Scott Meixner William Kennedy


The winner of the Neil Mackenzie Mentorship Award 2016 is Evan Haney, a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Hancock’s lab.

Neil Mackenzie was a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Bromme’s lab at the CBR. Neil was a dedicated and caring mentor, whose encouraging and motivating words and actions were sincerely appreciated by all those whom he touched – colleagues, friends and students. To honor his legacy and the impact he has made on the people within and outside the Centre for Blood Research, you can make a donation to the Neil Mackenzie in Memoriam Fund ( Your donation will support the CBR mentorship initiatives, promoting mentorship excellence throughout our research community.