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Georgina Butler
Overall Lab
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PhD in Biochemistry at University of Leicester, UK

I am a Research Associate in the Overall lab. Clinical trials to prevent metastasis by blocking extracellular matrix (ECM) cleavage by matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) failed: Side-effects suggested that MMPs process other bioactive substrates that have crucial activities. To specifically target disease-related activities of MMPs and other proteases, we need to know not only which substrates are cleaved, but the functions of those substrates before and after cleavage. Finding novel MMP substrates in biological samples is a complex process that can now be tackled by degradomics. Our suite of degradomics techniques identifies protease substrates in biological samples from cells to patients. My focus is moonlighting proteins, i.e. proteins with canonical intracellular roles that are released by cell death and/or secretion where alternative extracellular functions may be modulated by proteolytic processing. Once released, many are implicated in inflammation, innate and autoimmunity, warranting further study in relation to human diseases.

Expertise: Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), proteolytic processing, biochemistry, cell biology, degradomics, scientific writing, editing

Katherine Serrano
Devine Lab
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PhD in Biochemistry at University of British Columbia
I am interested in the biology of blood cells (red blood cells and platelets). Together with my colleagues at Canadian Blood Services, Centre for Innovation, I study how we can manufacture and store the best quality blood products for patients in need of blood transfusions.