Graduate and Postdoctoral Training


PDF/RA Travel Award

Travel awards of up to $1,000 are available from the CBR. Application-based, abstract NOT required. Deadline for application is December 3.

Download CBR PDF/RA Travel Award Application.

PDF/RA Transition Grant

Transition Grants of up to $4,000 are available from the CBR.

Download CBR PDF & RA Transition Grant Application.

CBR Graduate Student Award

Graduate Student Awards of $7,000 are available to graduate students under the supervision of a CBR PI. Deadline for application is July 10 with program beginning September 7.

Download application here: CBR Graduate Student Award Application.

Neil Mackenzie Mentorship Award

In memory of Dr. Neil Mackenzie, a late postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Bromme lab, every year CBR will recognize an individual who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to mentorship and the development of others. If you would like to nominate a mentor, fill out this form: Mackenzie Mentorship Award Nomination. Nominations are due July 25. The winner will be presented at the CBR Research Day.

Supervision Opportunity for PDFs & RAs

CBR is offering summer studentships to undergraduate and medical students, available for PDFs & RAs to supervise in the lab, with their PI’s permission. Application deadline is April 1.

Download application here: CBR-SBME PDF/RA Summer Studentship Application.

Applied Opportunities

Knowledge Translation (KT) Committee

Interested in science writing or blogging? Sharpen your science translation skills and develop your own areas of interest! As a member, you will contribute blog posts to the CBR News as your time permits. The KT Committee releases a new article every Thursday, they send out a monthly newsletter, and produce a biannual magazine for every CBR Symposium. The content is widely read by the CBR community, CBR funders and supporters, such as the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and patients. Email for more information.

Health and Wellness Committee

The CBR has established a Health and Wellness Committee to develop and run social events for the CBR community that improve the CBR members’ all-around well-being: social, physical and mental. The events include but are not limited to: social outings, sports, outdoor activities, and family-friendly events. If you are interested in planning events and meeting fellow CBR members in a low pressure environment, email to join us! Check out our past events here.

CBR Outreach “Blood Labs”

If you like teaching, interacting with kids or think science outreach is important – this group is for you! We deliver interactive workshops on blood-related topics to the local high schools. As part of the team, you can deliver one of the four labs, or develop your own workshop on a blood-related topic. The schedule is flexible and is determined together with the school. Most members deliver between 1 and 2 labs per semester, and many are involved in quality control and developing new labs. Email to receive more information and to sign up!

CBR Career Ladder Program

The CBR Career Ladder Program was initiated so that Grads and Postdocs can explore and prepare for a fulfilling career that they love. The idea of the Career Ladder Program is to provide you with a step-by-step approach to career development, and to encourage a peer support network as you go on this journey of career exploration. The program is modeled after PhD Career Ladder Program. Find out more by emailing


CBR Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates have an opportunity to chair various graduate student groups: journal clubs, writing groups, research presentations and others, to get experience in facilitating, chairing and leading groups. There are also opportunities for one-on-one mentorship for both PDFs and graduate students. Please email if interested.