Summer Seminar Series

The Summer Seminar Series (June – Aug) are reserved for the CBR Members to present the breadth and depth of their research.  Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Associates and Senior Graduate Students are welcome and encouraged to present. Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 12:00 pm, in the LSC 3 of the Life Sciences building.

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Each seminar will have live online viewing. Tune in here.

The current seminar schedule is posted below and updated as needed.

Date 2019 Summer Seminar Series | 12:00 – 1:00 PM Topic Presenters and Titles
June 5 Hancock Lab “New Peptide Therapies for Inflammation and Biofilms”

Dr. Bob Hancock, “Overview. 150 papers in 10 minutes”

Hashem Etayash, “Peptidomimetics”

Daniel Pletzer, “New animal models of chronic infections”

Catherine Wu, PhD Student, “Anti-inflammatory peptides and human ALI models”

June 19 Ma Lab “Image-based Technologies for Analyzing Single Cell Behaviour”

Sampath Satti, MASc Student, “End-point chemotaxis assay using centrifugal alignment”

Jane Ru Choi, Postdoctoral Fellow, “Single cell secretion and phenotyping assay”

Samuel Berryman, MASc Student, “Image-based cell phenotyping using deep-learning”

July 3 Kastrup Lab
July 10 McNagny Lab
July 17 Overall lab
July 24 Kizhakkedathu Lab
July 31
August 7 Kim Lab
August 14 Devine Lab
August 21 @ 1PM* Zandstra lab (tentative)
August 28 @ 1PM* Brown Lab