Seminars Archive

Date Name Affiliation Title
Abstract Recording Host
September 14, 2022 Dr. Dirk Lange UBC “Combatting Bacterial Biofilms on Medical Devices – The Bane of Medicine” Red video icon Dr. Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu
October 6, 20222022 Michael John Page Postdoctoral Fellow Award Dr. Miffy Hok Yan Cheng UBC “Passing the shuttlecock around: How the bounces in my career helped me to achieve science excellency” Red video icon
November 16, 2022 Dr. Ruchika Goel SIU School of Medicine, John Hopkins University, ImpactLife Blood Services “Big Data Applications in Transfusion Medicine, Silos No More” Red video icon Dr. Ed Pryzdial
November 30, 2022 Dr. Celina Montemayor Medical Officer; Medical, Laboratory and Stem Cell Services, Canadian Blood “Banking With Precision: The Future of Genomics in Transfusion" N/A Dr. Dana Devine
January 11, 2023 Dr. Scott Cooper University of Wisconsin La Crosse “Platelets from 13-lined ground squirrels are resistant to cold storage lesions” Red video icon Dr. Ed Conway
January 18, 2023 Dr. Robert Campbell University of Utah “Novel roles of platelets in infection and inflammation” Red video icon Dr. Ed Conway
February 22, 2023 Dr. Andrew Shih University of British Columbia “The British Columbia Provincial Blood Coordinating Office: Old Dog, New Tricks)” Red video icon Dr. Dana Devine
March 15, 2023 Dr. William Sheffield Canadian Blood Services “Transfusion and infusion strategies in murine hemorrhagic shock” Red video icon Dr. Dana Devine
March 29, 2023 Dr. Lori West University of Alberta “ABO-Histocompatibility”: Organ Transplantation and ABO Blood Group" Red video icon Dr. Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu
June 7, 2023 Ma Lab UBC “New Technologies to Study Biology at the Single Cell Level” Red video icon
June 14, 2023 Foster Lab UBC “Foster Lab projects: antigen presentation, metabolomics, and gender-affirming hormone therapy” Red video icon
June 21, 2023 Cheung Lab UBC “Strategies for spinal cord repair: in vitro model and microelectrodes” N/A
July 5, 2023 Leitch Lab UBC “Recent Advances in MDS Prognosis and Management,
with a Focus on Transfusional Iron Overload”
Red video icon
July 19, 2023 Pryzdial Lab UBC “Targeting mechanisms in flu infection and psoriatic inflammation” Red video icon
July 26, 2023 Kizhakkedathu Lab UBC “Bioengineering approaches to improve blood transfusion, combat antibiotic resistance, and treat inflammatory conditions” N/A
August 16, 2023 Dr. Shokrollah Elahi University of Alberta “Beyond the gas cargo: Immunological Properties of Erythroid Progenitors/precursors in Physio-pathological Conditions” N/A
August 23, 2023 Bromme Lab UBC “Novel protease-targeting treatment approaches in skeletal diseases, SARS-CoV2, and ideas about autoimmunity” N/A

Date Name Affiliation Title
Abstract Recording
September 1, 2021 Dr. Peter Schubert UBC "netCAD: Canadian Blood Service's multifunctional Blood4Research facility" Red video icon
September 29, 2021 Dr. Kathryn Melzak Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (formerly) "RBCs stored for transfusions: shape changes, hemolysis pathways, and a marker for storage quality" N/A
October 6, 2021 Dr. Christoph Licht UBC "Translational research in complement-mediated research" Red video icon
October 20, 2021 Dr. Paul Riley Diagnostica Stago Inc. "Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC):
The Critical Role of the Lab"
Red video icon
Michael John Page Postdoctoral Fellowship Award Presentation: October 27, 2021 Dr. Alison McAfee UBC "Causes and consequences of honeybee infertility" Red video icon
December 1, 2021 Dr. Moritz Stolla University of Washington "Cold-stored platelets - Back to the Future?” Red video icon
December 1, 2021 CBR Special Seminar: Dr. Dicken Ko Warren Alpert Medical School
of Brown University
"Reconstructive Transplantation:
A slowly developing paradigm"
February 2, 2022 Dr. Dave Farrell Professor of Surgery, Oregon Health & Science UniversityFounder and Chief Scientific Officer of Gamma Diagnostics "Gamma Fibrinogen and COVID-19; Who Knew?" Red video icon
February 9, 2022 Dr. Jason L. Rasgon Professor of Disease Epidemiology, Pennsylvania State University “CRISPR tool and protocols for non-model systems” N/A
March 30, 2022 Dr. Guinevere Lee Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, Weill Cornell Medicine “Do HIV-1 strains matter in the context of cure research?” Red video icon
May 18, 2022 Dr. Steven Drews Associate Director, Canadian Blood ServicesAssociate Professor, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Alberta “COVID-19 and immunity: Where are we?” Red video icon
June 1, 2022 McNagny Lab UBC "Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILCs) as novel and potent regulators of inflammatory disease" Red video icon
June 15, 2022 Devine Lab UBC "Exciting research from the Devine Lab" Red video icon
June 22, 2022 Hancock Lab UBC "The Multiple Faces of Sepsis" N/A
June 29, 2022 Côté Lab UBC "Let’s talk about HIV, antiretrovirals, and other chronic/latent viruses that stay with people forever…" N/A
July 6, 2022 Multi-Scale Design Laboratory (Ma Lab) UBC "New technologies to study cell function – Research in the Ma Lab" Red video icon
July 13, 2022 Kizhakkedathu Lab UBC "Novel bioengineering approaches to improve blood transfusion and preservation of blood products" N/A
July 20, 2022 Conway Lab UBC "Seeking solutions to solve thrombo-inflammatory disorders" N/A
August 3, 2022 Kim Lab UBC "The many faces of filamin A in platelets: From signaling to survival" N/A
August 10, 2022 Karsan Lab UBC "Role of ubiquitin system mutations in AML" N/A
August 24, 2022 Cheung Lab (Bio-Medical Micro Devices (BioMEMS) lab) UBC "Silicon photonics biosensors: Towards portable, point-of-care diagnostics" N/A
August 31, 2022 Cheung Lab (Bio-Medical Micro Devices (BioMEMS) lab) UBC “Inkjet-based system for single cell isolation and genomic analysis” Red video icon

2020/21 Seminar Series
Date Name Affiliation Title
Abstract Recording
September 16, 2020 Dr. Manoj Paul UBC, Kim Lab “The role of gelsolin in modulating platelet aggregation and secretion” N/A
September 23, 2020 Dr. Alex Leatherdale UBC, Conway-Pryzdial Labs “The role of multimerin 1 (MMRN1) in platelet adhesion and characterization of its interactions with fibrillar collagens” N/A
September 30, 2020 Dr. Sarah Hedtrich UBC, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences "Complex tissue models to study inflammatory and genetic diseases of human epithelia" N/A
October 14, 2020 Dr. Ejaife Agbani University of Calgary "Platelet procoagulant membrane dynamics study: mechanistic insights and clinical translation" N/A
October 21, 2020 Dr. Lupe Jaraquemada-Peláez UBC, Orvig Lab "Design: From the Arts to Radiopharmaceuticals"Michael John Page Award Ceremony N/A
November 25, 2020 Bronwyn Lyons, Jinhong Hu, Dr. Joshua Jenkins UBC, Strynadka Lab “Structural hybrid methods to probe the Type III Secretion System
of Pathogenic Bacteria”
December 2, 2020 Dr. Maha Othman Queen's University "Hypercoagulability and Thrombosis Risk: Applications for
December 9, 2020 Dr. David H. Farrell Oregon Health & Science University "Gamma' Fibrinogen: The Clot Thickens..." N/A
December 16, 2020 Dr. Shannon Jackson UBC, Division of Hematology, Department of MedicineSt. Paul's Hospital “The value revolution in health care and why it matters to you” N/A
January 27, 2021 Dr. Heather Hume University of Montreal "Transfusion Medicine in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenge and Controversies" N/A
February 3, 2021 Dr. Jill Johnsen Bloodworks Northwest, University of Washington "Genetics of hemophilia" N/A
March 3, 2021 Dr. Leslie Skeith University of Calgary, the PARTUM Trial “Complement activation and obstetric antiphospholipid syndrome” Red video icon
March 24, 2021 Dr. Qizhen Shi Medical College of Wisconsin, Blood Research Institute “Platelet-specific gene therapy of hemophilia A” N/A
March 31, 2021 Dr. Luisa Arispe Northwestern University “Endothelial-Myeloid Collaborations in Hemostasis” N/A
April 7, 2021 Dr. Krystalyn Hudson Columbia University Medical School “Tolerance and Autoimmunity to Red Blood Cells” Red video icon
April 21, 2021 Dr. Dean Fergusson Ottawa Hospital Research Institute "RBC donor characteristics and impact on recipient mortality" Red video icon
May 5, 2021 Sue Korstad and Marie-Maxime Bergeron Patient Advisory Council, Action on Sepsis Research Cluster "Patient Perspectives on Sepsis and Sepsis Research" Red video icon
May 12, 2021 Dr. Ali Amid BC Children’s Hospital "Hemoglobin Bart's hydrops Fetalis: A Curious Journey from Fetal Therapy to Adult Care" Red video icon
May 26, 2021 Dr. Jordan Shavit University of Michigan "Utilization of genome editing in zebrafish to model blood disorders and develop therapeutics" N/A
June 2, 2021 Dr. Eun-Ju Lee Weill Cornell Medical College "SARS-CoV-2 vaccination and Immune Thrombocytopenia" N/A
June 9, 2021 Dr. Simon Stanworth Oxford University "Should I still be interested in clinical research into the appropriate and safe use of blood components?" Red video icon
June 16, 2021 Conway Lab UBC "Travels Through the Conway lab: Fat, Clots and Biocompatible Surfaces" N/A
June 23, 2021 Ma Lab (Multi-Scale Design Laboratory) UBC “New Technologies for Medicine and Biology: Red Blood Cells, NETs, and Finding Rare Sperm” Red video icon
June 30, 2021 Devine Lab UBC “Transfusion Medicine: Using Data to Change Policy and Practice” Red video icon
July 7, 2021 Cheung Lab (Bio-Medical Micro Devices (BioMEMS) Lab) UBC "Organs-on-Chip: Design Considerations and Applications" Red video icon
July 14, 2021 Kizhakkedathu Lab UBC "Exploiting Multivalency in the Design of Multifunctional Polymers as Therapeutics" N/A
July 21, 2021 Pryzdial Lab UBC "Multifunctional Clotting Factors in Fibrinolysis and Virus Infection" Red video icon
July 28, 2021 Scott Lab UBC “Resealed RBC: Blowing Up Red Blood Cells For Fun, Science and (?) Profit” Red video icon
August 4, 2021 Karsan Lab (Angela Mo) UBC "Elucidating the mechanisms of leukemogenesis driven by FBXO11 loss" N/A
August 18, 2021 Kim Lab UBC "The actin cytoskeleton and pro-inflammatory platelet function" N/A
August 25, 2021 Overall Lab UBC “Diverse SARS-CoV-2 3CLpro host substrates identify subversive pathways in the COVID-19 cellular coup d’état” N/A N/A

2019/20 Seminar Series
Date Name Affiliation Title
Abstract Host
September 11, 2019 Dr. Paul S. Frenette Albert Einstein College of Medicine "Neutrophils, stress and sickle cell disease" Scott
September 25, 2019 Dr. Ze Zheng Columbia University Irving Medical Centre "Hepatocyte tPA: From Liver to Blood and Beyond" Conway
October 16, 2019 Dr. Eric Mullins Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Centre “Should I Stay or Should I Go: Fibrin(ogen) and Fibrinolysis
in Neuroinflammation”
November 6, 2019 Dr. Doug Cines University of Pennsylvania “Defensins: Link between innate immunity, atherosclerosis and thrombosis” Kim
January 8, 2020 Dr. Kevin Hay BC Cancer Research Centre “CAR-T cell therapy: the experience and the road ahead” Conway
January 15, 2020 Dr. James Luyendyk College of Veterinary Medicine at MSU “Mechanisms linking blood coagulation to liver injury and
January 29, 2020 Dr. Lubica Rauova University of Pennsylvania “Heparin induced thrombocytopenia – therapeutic strategies alternative to anticoagulation.” Kizhakkedathu
February 5, 2020 Dr. Andrew Shih Vancouver General Hospital “What We Don’t Know About Massive Transfusion” Conway
February 12, 2020 Dr. Gary Gilbert Harvard Medical School  “Tales of factor VIII inhibitor antibodies: unexpected modulations by platelets and endothelial cells.” Conway
February 19, 2020 Dr. Timothy Nichols UNC School of Medicine “Novel Preclinical Approaches to Hemophilia A Complicated by Inhibitors” Kastrup
February 27, 2020 Dr. Sergio Martinez-Høyer Erasmus Medical Centre “Functional genomics in the pathogenesis of del(5q) myelodysplastic syndromes” Kastrup/Karsan
March 4, 2020 Dr. Colin Kretz McMaster University “High Throughput Protease Profiling to Investigate the Regulation of the Metalloprotease ADAMTS13” Conway
April 22, 2020 Dr. Ed Conway UBC "Complement activation: from atypical HUS to coronavirus-related disease"
April 29, 2020 Diana Canals & Dr. Michael Hughes UBC "Podocalyxin as a therapeutic target in cancer" & "Exploring an epigentic link between the gut microbiome and atopic disease"
May 6, 2020 Dr. Mark Scott UBC "Immunocamouflage: From Red Cells to Coronavirus"
May 13, 2020 Dr. Paul Jurasz University of Alberta “Identification of eNOS-based Platelet and Megakaryocyte Subpopulations”
May 20, 2020 Dr. Ed Pryzdial UBC "Antiviral Anticoagulation"
May 27, 2020 Dr. Leonard Foster UBC "Identification of unknown snake venom in a toddler"
June 3,2020 Dr. Mona Khorshidfar UBC "Quality measurements of apheresis platelet concentrates from donors whose platelets repeatedly show low pH over storage"
June 10, 2020 Dr. Vijay Akhade UBC "miR-146a and p53 regulatory feedback loop in AML"
June 17, 2020 Dr. Christian Kastrup UBC "Natural and Novel Modulators of Blood Coagulation: From Soil Silicates in Hemorrhage to Gene Therapy for Thrombosis"
June 24,2020 Dr. Dana Devine UBC "Convalescent Plasma as a therapy for treatment of COVID-19 disease"
July 8, 2020 Hancock Lab UBC "From the Outside-In: Treating Biofilm-Associated Infections with Synthetic Host Defence Peptides"
July 15, 2020 Dr. Hélène Côté & Anthony Hsieh UBC "HIV and aging - The CARMA cohort"
July 22, 2020 Ma Lab UBC "Image Based Cell Phenotyping Using AI" & "Deformability Based Sorting of Red Blood Cells as a Biomarker for Red Blood Cell Quality"
July 29,2020 Brown Lab UBC "Hyaluronan primes the oxidative burst in human neutrophils: implications for inflammation"
August 19, 2020 Melina Messing & Marie-Soleil Smith UBC "Circulating innate immune cell signature predicts disease severity in Canadian COVID-19 patient cohort" & "Toxicity of HIV antiretrovirals in a human embryonic stem cell model"
August 26, 2020 Hossein Yazdani Ahmadabadi & Chanel La UBC "Anti-biofilm coatings with long-term activity for biomedical devices" & "Design of polyphosphate inhibitors that reduce thrombosis without increased bleeding"

2019 Summer Seminar Series

Date 2019 Summer Seminar Series | 12:00 - 1:00 PM Topic Presenters and Titles
June 5 Hancock Lab “New Peptide Therapies for Inflammation and Biofilms”

Dr. Bob Hancock, Professor - “Overview. 150 papers in 10 minutes”

Dr. Hashem Etayash, Postdoctoral Fellow - “Peptidomimetics”

Dr. Daniel Pletzer, Postdoctoral Fellow -"New animal models of chronic infections”

Catherine Wu, PhD Student - “Anti-inflammatory peptides and human ALI models"

June 19 Ma Lab “Image-based Technologies for Analyzing Single Cell Behaviour”

Sampath Satti, MASc Student, "End-point chemotaxis assay using centrifugal alignment”

Dr. Jane Ru Choi, Postdoctoral Fellow, "Single cell secretion and phenotyping assay”

Samuel Berryman, MASc Student, "Image-based cell phenotyping using deep-learning”

July 3 Kastrup Lab “Controlling Blood Coagulation with Gene Therapy” Amy Strilchuk, PhD Candidate, "Modulating Coagualtion Factor FXIII with siRNA"Jerry Leung, MSc Candidate, “Megakaryocyte Engineering to Create Designer Platelets”

Massimo Cau, MSc Candidate, “Hemostatic Technologies for Abdominal Hemorrhage”

July 10 McNagny Lab “Innate Lymphoid Cells and Immune Skewing in Disease” Dr. Kelly McNagny, Professor - "Innate Lymphoid Cells as modulators of Immune Response"Samuel Shin, MSc Student - "Origins of Type 2 Innate Immune Cells"

Dr. Alissa Cait, Postdoctoral Fellow - "Microbiome Driven Skewing of Immune Response"

Melina Messing, PhD Student - "Role of Innate Lymphoid Cells and Immune Response in Muscle Repair"

July 17

Overall lab

“Degradomics Approaches to Unravel the Roles of Proteases as Master Regulators of Health and Disease Processes” Dr. Isabel Pablos-Ocampo, Postdoctoral Fellow -“Proteolytic Regulation of Pro-inflammatory Activity of High Mobility Group Box 1 (HMGB1) by Matrix Metalloproteinase 7 (MMP7)”Dr. Peter Bell, Postdoctoral Fellow - "A Search for Missing Proteins in Human Alveolar Bone"

Peter Grin, PhD student - "Proteolytic Processing by Matrix Metalloproteinases in Cholesterol Homeostasis"

July 24 Kizhakkedathu Lab "Macromolecular Therapeutics for Blood Disorders" Usama Abbasi, PhD Candidate and Lily Takeuchi, MSc Student  -"Organ-Specific Approaches for Systemic Iron Chelation" Chanel La, PhD Candidate - "Polyphosphate Inhibitors for Treatment of Thrombosis" 
July 31 Prof. Tom Scholte (special seminar) “A Perceptual Control Theory of Workplace Conflict”
August 7 Kim Lab “Pro-inflammatory Platelet Signaling: To the Cytoskeleton and Beyond” Dr. Hoa Le, Research Associate - "Cell-matrix Signaling in the Connective Tissues: Regulation by Platelet Factor 4"Dr. Kalyan Golla, Postdoctoral Fellow - "Filamin A and Integrin Activation: The 'Ins' and 'Outs' of Platelet Signaling"

Dr. Manoj Paul, Postdoctoral Fellow - "The Role of Gelsolin in Modulating Platelet Aggregation and Secretion"

August 14 @ 1PM* Devine Lab "Blood Products: Proving Improvements in Platelets and Cryoprecipitate for Patients" Dr. Narges Hadjesfandiari, Postdoctoral Fellow - "Cryoprecipitate for Adults - How Important is it to Match for Blood Type?"Wayne Zhao, PhD Student - "Old product with new hope: Cold-stored platelets"

Daphne Wu, PhD Student - "Biomarkers to improve platelet transfusion outcome"

August 21 @ 1PM* Zandstra lab "Stem Cell Engineering" Daniel Aguilar-Hidalgo, Research Associate - "Stem cell engineering"Himanshu Kaul, Postdoctoral Fellow - "Generating tissue capable of forming blood-progenitor cells at clinical scales"

Asel Primbetova, PhD Student - "Engineering 3D artificial thymic niche for generation of progenitor T cells"

2018/19 Seminar Series
Date Name Affiliation Title
Abstract Host
September 4, 2018 Dr. Anand Krishan Faculty of Dentistry, University of Alberta "Tumor suppressors as critical targets for peripheral nerve regeneration"   Kim
September 26 Dr. Sheila Teves Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UBC "Transcriptional memory through the cell cycle"   Kim
October 3 Dr. Fabio Rossi Department of Medical Genetics, Biomedical Research Centre, UBC "Mesenchymal progenitors direct the damage response orchestra: pathogenic roles and therapeutic opportunities in congenital and ischemic cardiac disease.” Kim
October 10 Dr. Mary Underwood Haemostasis and Thrombosis Department, Imperial College London “ADAMTS13 deficiency in thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura” Kim
October 17 Dr. Jennifer Grant Karsan Lab, BC Cancer Agency, UBC “Loss of miR-146a links inflammation, aging, and myeloid malignancy” Foster
October 24 Dr. Elizabeth M. Simpson Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics at
BC Children’s Hospital, UBC
“CRISPR for Gene Therapy and Novel Mouse Models” Kim
October 31 Dr. Pamela Hoodless UBC Department of Medical Genetics, Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer "Coordination of epigenetic and transcriptional networks in liver development" Kim
November 7 Dr. Margaret Rand Division of Haematology/ Oncology, The Hospital for Sick Children "The Procoagulant Platelet:  Dead or Alive … or Undead?" Kim
November 14 Dr. Neale Ridgway Depts. of Pediatrics, and
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Atlantic Research Centre, Dalhousie University
“Regulation of lipid homeostasis by a nuclear-localized phosphatidylcholine biosynthetic enzyme” Loewen
December 5 Dr. Jugpal S. Arneja Division of Plastic Surgery, UBC "Management of Vascular Anomalies: Lessons Learned & Ongoing Challenges" Butler
December 12 Dr. Ashutosh Chilkoti Department of Biomedical Engineering at Duke University “Molecular Engineering of Macromolecular Therapeutics” Abbina
January 9, 2019 Dr. Scott Diamond The Penn Center for Molecular Discovery "Multiscale analysis of blood using microfluidics and high dimensional phenotyping" Kastrup
January 17 @ 2pm; MSL 102 Dr. Muhammad Yousaf York University “Rewiring Cell Surfaces with click chemistry for applications in cell biology and tissue engineering” Kizhakkedathu
January 23 Dr. Philipp Lange Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC "BRAvE - A proteogenomics platform for personalized treatment stratification in bone marrow involved childhood cancer" Kim
January 30 Dr. Lisa Osborne Department of Microbiology and Immunology, UBC “Genetic and environmental influences on immunity and inflammation” Kim
February 6 Dr. David Sweet Faculty of Dentistry, UBC "An Introduction to Forensic Science Scholarship" Kim
February 20 UBC Sickle Cell Project student team Faculty of Medicine, UBC "The Assessment and Sustainable Management of Sickle Cell Disease in the Indigenous Tharu Population of Nepal" Conway
February 27 Dr. William Sheffield Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, McMaster University "Proagulant and Coagulant Strategies in Mouse Models" Pryzdial
March 6 Dr. Dmitri Simberg Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Colorado “The 99%: Mechanisms of Immune Clearance of Nanomaterials after Systematic Administration” Abbina
March 20 Dr. Yajaira Suarez Comparative Medicine and Pathology, Yale University School of Medicine “Macrophage miR-21, Yin Yang in Cancer and Atherosclerosis” Conway
March 27 Dr. Eleanor Fish Department of Immunology, University of Toronto “Global Outbreaks: Interferons as 1st Responders” Kim
March 28 Dr. James Whisstock Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute Structural Studies of Macrophage Immune Effectors Using Cryo-EM Overall
April 10 Dr. Chris McCulloch Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto “Role of Flightless I in Remodeling of the Extracellular Matrix” Kim
April 17 Dr. Michael Underhill Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences, UBC “Mesenchymal Progenitors in Health and Disease” Kim
April 24 Dr. Gavin Y. Oudit Department of Medicine, University of Alberta “Pathophysiology of Iron-Overload Cardiomyopathy: Role of Resveratrol and Amlodipine as Novel Therapies” Abbina
May 1 Dr. James Johnson Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, UBC “Hyperinsulinemia as a Causal Factor in Insulin Resistance, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, Aging and Cancer” Kim
May 15 Dr. David Gailani Department of Medicine, Vanderbilt University “The Kallikrein-Kinin System – Activation and Regulation” Kastrup
May 22 Dr. Florian Kuchenbauer BC Cancer Agency Research Centre “The Secret Powers of Noncoding RNAs in Malignant Hematopoiesis” Scott
2018 Summer Seminar Series
Date Presenter Title Abstract
June 20  Christian Kastrup Lab "Biomaterials and Mechanisms to Understand and Control Hemorrhage"  pdf icon
 June 27  Hong Ma Lab "Microfluidic Technologies for Cell Sorting and Cell Deformability"  pdf icon
July 4  Ed Conway Lab “Searching for new strategies to treat common inflammatory/thrombotic diseases ”  pdf icon
July 18  Aly Karsan Lab “Hematopoiesis from the AGM to the disrupted bone marrow”.  pdf icon
July 25  Kelly Brown Lab "Childhood vasculitis and the search for biologic measures of disease to aid clinical care"  pdf icon
August 22 Dana Devine Lab “What’s new in transfusion therapy ”  pdf icon
August 29  Bob Hancock Lab "Mechanistic insights into human diseases, e.g. sepsis, from large omics datasets"  pdf icon

2017/18 Seminar Series
Date Name Affiliation Title Abstract Host
Sep 20 Dr. Catherine Poh Faculty of Dentistry “Translational research in Oral Cancer Control – Early Detection, Risk Assessment, and Management” pdf icon Kim
Oct 4 Dr. Kevin Bennewith Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of British Columbia “Enhancement of mammary tumour metastasis by immune suppressive cells” pdf icon Pryzdial
Oct 18 Dr. Karla Williams Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia “Extracellular Vesicles for ‘Liquid Biopsy’ Development in Cancer” pdf icon Kim
Oct 25 Dr. Humaira Gowher Department of Biochemistry and Purdue Center for Cancer Research
Purdue University
"Biological outcomes of the catalytic specialization of DNA methyltransferases" pdf icon Overall
Nov 1 Dr. Abby Collier Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia "Drug Development and Toxicity in Children – where are we going and where have we been?"  pdf icon Kim
Nov 6 Dr. Vincent Dive Department of Molecular Engineering of Proteins at the CEA Life Science Division in Saclay "Detection of active forms of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) by activity-based probes and applications to nanomedicine.”  pdf icon Overall
Nov 8 Dr. Tamer Mohamed Aspect Biosystems, University of British Columbia “Tissue engineering with next generation Lab-on-a-Printer bioprinting technology. “  pdf icon Kizhakkedathu
Nov 29 Dr. Tatiana Kutateladze  Department of Pharmacology, University of Colorado School of Medicine  “Targeting epigenetic readers”.  pdf icon Kim/Yip
Dec 8 Dr. Rafick Sekaly

Co-director and Scientific Director of VGTI-Florida and Director of the Laboratory of Microbiology and Immunology for the University of Montreal Hospital Centre's Research Centre.

“OMICs unravel novel mechanisms for immunotherapy of HIV and Cancer.”  pdf icon  Cote
Jan 17, 2018 Dr. Robert Nabi Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, University of British Columbia “Cancer Cell Biology: Below the Diffraction Limit”  pdf icon Kim
Jan 24 Dr. Calvin Yip Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of British Columbia "Molecular architecture of the enigmatic Elongator complex"  pdf icon Kim
Feb 14 Dr. LeAnn Howe Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of British Columbia “Maintenance of transcriptional states”  pdf icon Kim
Feb 28 Dr. Paul Santerre Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
and Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto
"Biomaterial design for blood contact applications, inspired by protein-material interactions and enabled by block co-polymeric polyurethanes"  pdf icon Kizhakkedathu
Mar 7 Dr. Elizabeth Rideout Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, University of British Columbia "Sex differences in Drosophila triglyceride homeostasis"  pdf icon Kim
Mar 14 Dr. Michael Gold Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of British Columbia "B cell activation in space and time"  pdf icon Kim
Mar 21 Dr. Cal Roskelley Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, University of British Columbia "Multi-Modal Cell Motility - Does It Play A Role In Cancer Metastasis?" Kim
Mar 22 Dr. Maria-Grazia De Simoni Laboratory of Inflammation and Nervous System Diseases Pharmacological Research Institute Mario Negri, Milano, Italy "The lectin complement pathway in ischemic stroke"  pdf icon Conway
Apr 4 Dr. Wayne Vogl Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, University of British Columbia "Internalization of ‘intact’ intercellular junctions in the testis by clathrin/actin-mediated endocytic structures – Tubulobulbar complexes"  pdf icon Kim
Apr 18 Dr. Mei Bissonnette Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of British Columbia “Translational Research in Medical Renal Diseases:  A Role for Molecular Methods”  pdf icon Kim
Apr 25 Dr. Matthew Flick Division of Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital "Fibrin mediates metabolic changes that promote diet-induced obesity"  pdf icon Conway
May 9 Dr. Chris Bond Juno Therapeutics Juno Therapeutics, Seattle “Direct detection of CD19 CAR-T Cells by PET Imaging” pdf icon Conway
May 23 Dr. Edwin Moore Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, University of British Columbia “Rapid Ultrastructural Changes Regulate the Function of Cardiac Ryanodine Receptors “ pdf icon Kim
May 31 Dr. Hamilton Douglas Oral Biology, School of Dentistry, Anatomy & Cell Biology, The University of Western Ontario, London, ON “Periostin as a Modulator of Wound Healing and Fibrotic Processes in Connective Tissues” pdf icon Kim

2016/17 Seminar Series
Date Name Affiliation Title Abstract Host
September 15 Dr. Darrel W. Stafford UNC Department of Biology “Enzymes of the Vitamin K Cycle”  pdf icon Pryzdial
September 28 Dr. Matthew Rondina University of Utah Department of Medicine  “Platelets: Sentinels and Effectors during Pathogen Invasion”  pdf icon Pryzdial
October 5 Dr. Paul Kubes University of Calgary Departments of Physiology & Pharmacology “Platelets neutrophils and NETs in infection and inflammation” pdf icon McNagny
October 12 Dr. Paul O’Shea University of British Columbia Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences "Dissecting the Blood Interactome ;  basic molecular physiology towards redefining complex diseases"  pdf icon Conway
October 26 Dr. Miranda Grounds University of Western Australia School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology “Skeletal muscle mass: impact of growth, aging and disease”  pdf icon  Overall
November 2 Dr. John Morser Stanford University School of Medicine  "Role of carboxypeptidase B2 (TAFI)"  pdf icon Conway
November 30 Dr. Keith Neeves Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, Colorado School of Mines  “Reinventinng the Wheel: Magnetically propelled
microwheels for rapid fibrinolysis”
pdf icon  Kastrup
December 14
(MSL 102 - 2185 East Mall, Vancouver)
Dr. Haeshin Lee Department of Chemistry
Director, Center for Nature-inspired Technology
"Mussel-inspired Self-Sealing Adhesive Biomaterials"  pdf icon   Kastrup
January 4, 2017 Dr. Jessica Kalra BC Cancer Research Centre “Developing circRNA signatures as a biomarker for the early diagnosis of Pancreatic Carcinoma”  pdf icon Pryzdial
January 18 Dr. Kellie Machlus Harvard Medical School “Molecular mechanisms of proplatelet formation”  pdf icon  Conway
February 1 Dr. Michael Gordon University of British Columbia "Neural circuit mechanisms underlying taste and hunger integration in Drosophila."  pdf icon Kim
March 1 Dr. Philip Tsao Stanford School of Medicine "Molecular and Biomechanical Mechanisms of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Disease"  pdf icon Conway
March 8 Dr. Russ Algar University of British Columbia Department of Chemistry "The Small Matter of Bioanalysis: Adventures at Less Than 10 nm with Fluorescent Nanoparticles and/or FRET"  pdf icon Kizhakkedathu
March 15 Dr. Karin Hoffmeister Blood Centre of Wisconsin “Hematopoiesis: The need of glycans to control a complex system”  pdf icon Kim
March 22 Dr. Mari DeMarco Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC “Adapting Proteomics for Patient Care”  pdf icon Pryzdial
March 29 Dr. Honglin Luo
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine,
"The dual nature of enteroviruses: from heart disease to oncolytic virotherapy"  pdf icon Pryzdial
April 12 Dr. Janel Kopp Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences, UBC "Impact of cellular origin on pancreatic cancer initiation and development"  pdf icon  Kim
April 26 Dr. Joy Richman Cell and Developmental Biology, UBC "Rare diseases: Using the chicken embryo to functionally validate the effects of rare human mutations on morphogenesis"  pdf icon  Kim
May 3 Dr. Neora Pick Infectious Diseases Division, UBC "Hepatitis C- from discovery to Cure"  pdf icon  Conway
May 10 Dr. Eric Jan Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UBC "Alternative reading frame selection directed by a viral internal ribosome entry site"  pdf icon Kim
May 24 Dr. Christian Naus Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences, UBC "Gap junctions and stroke: an open and shut case?” Conway

2016 Summer Seminar Series

Date Seminar #1 - 12:00-12:25PM  Seminar #2 - 12:30-12:55PM Abstract
August 24 Narges Hadjesfandiari
Graduate Student, Brooks Lab
Jessie Cait
Graduate Student, McNagny Lab
pdf icon
August 11   UBC BEST Workshop (12-2PM) pdf icon
August 3 Bryan Lin
Graduate Student, Pryzdial Lab
Parker Jobin
Graduate Student, Overall Lab
pdf icon
July 20  Dr. Jim Woodgett
Investigator and Director of Research of the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute 
pdf icon
July 13 Sara Saberi
Graduate Student, Cote Lab
Patrick Coulombe
Graduate Student, Karsan Lab
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July 6 Deb Chen
Graduate Student, Devine Lab
 Mathieu B. Nault
Graduate Student, Kim Lab
June 29 Theo Klein
Postdoctoral Fellow, Overall Lab
Piyush Kapopara
Postdoctoral Fellow, Conway Lab

2015/16 Seminar Series
Date Name Affiliation Title (click for video where available)
Abstract Host
June 15, 2016 Dr. Tobias Kollmann Child and Family Research Institute “Focus on Host vs. Pathogen: Saving Newborn Lives Through a Paradigm Shift”   Pryzdial
June 1, 2016 Dr. Catherine Tenn Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary
 “An Experimental Model of Hemorrhagic Shock.”   Kastrup
May 18, 2016 Dr. Michael Barnett Hematology/Bone Marrow Transplant Medicine, UBC “A Glimpse of Ehrlich’s Promised Land: New Therapy for Blood Cancer”  Conway
May 11, 2016 Dr. Raymond Anderson Department of Chemistry, UBC Faculty of Science "Sponging off Nature for New Drug Leads"  Conway
May 4, 2016 Dr. Lindsay Eltis Department of Microbiology and Immunology, UBC "Steroid use by a pathogen – a ring-side story" Conway
Apr. 27, 2016 Dr. Kam Shojania Division of Rheumatology, UBC "A vision for arthritis care in BC" Kim
Apr. 20, 2016 Dr. Soren Gantt Child & Family Research Institute "Herpesvirus infections: new insights from human cohort studies" Pryzdial
Apr. 6, 2016 Dr. Eleanor Fish Department of Immunology, University of Toronto "Translating discovery to a clinical trial: interferon treatment for Ebola virus disease"   Overall
Mar. 30, 2016 Dr. Sid Strickland The Rockefeller University
“Connections between Alzheimer’s disease and the cerebrovascular system”    Jefferies
Mar. 23, 2016 Dr. Robert Flaumenhaft Harvard Medical School "Protein Disulfide Isomerase (PDI) as an antithrombotic target"   Kim
Mar. 9, 2016 Dr. Matthew Bogyo Standford School of Medicine "Structure and function based design of Plasmodium-selective proteasome inhibitors"   Overall
Mar. 2, 2016 Dr. Emma Guns Vancouver Prostate Centre  “Do Extracellular Vesicles have a role in the Development and Progression of Prostate Cancer?”   Pryzdial
Feb. 24, 2016 Dr. Andrew Krahn Division of Cardiology, UBC "Influencing Rare but Catastrophic Outcomes in Clinical Medicine: Novel Study Designs"   Kim
Feb. 17, 2016 Dr. Andrea Townson Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, UBC “Unconscious bias in health professions”    Conway
Feb. 10, 2016 Dr. Jeffrey Karp Harvard Medical School "Towards Accelerated Medical Innovation"   Khademmohtaram
Jan. 20, 2016 Dr. Peter Schubert Center for Blood Research, UBC

“Riboflavin/UV light pathogen inactivation impacts platelet function via modulation of signal transduction”

Jan. 13, 2016 Dr. Paul Kim Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University "Mechanism of Thrombin Activable Fibrinolysis Inhibitor Activation and Its Influence on Clot Degradation"   Pryzdial
Jan. 6, 2016 Dr. Brian Custer University of California, San Francisco & Blood Systems Research Institute "Research and Donation Policy Status in the USA for Men Who Disclose Having Sex with Other Men (MSM)"   Devine
Dec. 2, 2015 Dr. Maria Dahl Faculty Of Medicine, Lund University “Cell and gene therapy for blood disorders. Modeling of novel treatment strategies for Gaucher type I disease and Diamond-Blackfan anemia in mice”   McNagny
Nov. 25, 2015 Dr. Juergen Kast Biomedical Research Centre, UBC  “Lysophosphatidic acid as a platelet agonist in atherosclerosis” Conway
Nov. 4, 2015 Dr. Sidney Whiteheart University of Kentucky College of Medicine "The Platelet Release Reaction: Molecules and Mechanism (membrane trafficking in platelets)"   Kim
Oct. 28, 2015 Dr. Matthew Farrer

Dr. Jacob Rand
Department of Medical Genetics, UBC

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Weill Cornell Medical College
"Adventures and Advanced in Neurogenetics and molecular Neuroscience"“Anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome”   Pryzdial
Oct. 21, 2015 Farzad Ali & Linda Beausoleil Pfizer Canada  “Access to Medicines in Canada”   Pryzdial
Oct. 7, 2015 Dr. Jonathan Choy Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, SFU  “Inflammation and Allogeneic Immune Responses”    Conway
Sept. 30, 2015 HP Newquist  “Bloodsport: Finding The Thrill(s) In Science.”   Conway
Sept. 23, 2015 Dr. Josie Visentini Pfizer Canada  “Highlights of a Scientific Career in the Pharmaceutical Industry”   Conway
Sept. 16, 2015 Dr. John Semple Keenan Research Center for Biomedical Science, St. Michael’s Hospital  "New insights into the pathogenesis of Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI): A mouse’s tale.”   Conway
Sept. 9, 2015 Dr. Leonard Foster
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
UBC Faculty of Medicine
 "Vaccine discovery and personalized immunology through accurate tracking of the immunopeptidome" Conway
 2015 Summer Seminar Series
Date Seminar #1 - 12:00-12:25PM  Seminar #2 - 12:30-12:55PM
August 26  Deborah Chen
PhD Candidate, Devine Lab

"Red blood cell hemolysis: Biomarker discovery for quality assessment"
 Nichollas Scott
PDF, Foster Lab

"Alterations in the protein interaction landscape of known caspase targets precedes caspase cleavage"
August 19 CBR Research Day
August 17 Ashley Hilchie 
PDF, Hancock Lab

"Optimizing anti-cancer peptides for use as novel cancer therapies"
Solmaz Sobhanifar
PDF, Strynadka Lab

"A structural perspective of how TarM, an S. aureus glycosyltransferase, decorates teichoic acid polymers of the cell wall"
August 12 Michael Hughes
Research Associate, McNagny Lab"Podocalyxin function in cancer and bone marrow transplant"
August 5 Julien Bergeron
PDF, Strynadka Lab

“One ring to rule them all – structure and assembly of the type III secretion system rings”
Prashant Kumar
PhD Candidate, Kizhakkedathu Lab

“Bioconjugation of Aurein antimicrobial peptides to hyperbranched polyglycerol”
July 29 Dr. Christopher Patriquin
Clinical Scholar in Hematology & Thromboembolism, McMaster University"Update on Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria"
July 22 Evan Haney
PDF, Hancock Lab

"Sequence Optimization of Synthetic Peptides for Immunomodulatory and Antibiofilm Activity"
Gesa Volkers 
PDF, Strynadka Lab

"Molecular Insights into the Polysialylation of Human Cell Surfaces"
July 15 Brianne Burkinshaw
PhD Candidate, Strynadka Lab

"Structural and functional characterization of components of bacterial type III secretion systems"
Nikolaus Fortelny
PhD candidate, Overall and Pavlidis Labs

 "Informed guesses: prediction of protease inhibitors from network data"
July 8 Linnette Ocariza
MSc Candidate, Conway Lab

“Polyphosphate as a potential therapeutic forAge-Related Macular Degeneration”
Matt Solomonson
PhD Candidate, Strynadka Lab

 “Structure, proteloysis, and evolution of secretedtuberculosis virulence factors”
June 29 Cesar de la Fuente-Nunez  
PDF, Hancock Lab

"A Peptide-based Approach to CombatAntibiotic-resistant Bacteria"
Antoine Dufour
PDF, Overall Lab

"Moonlighting MMP12 decreases breast cancercell prognosis by cleavage of intracellular Syk"

2014/15 Seminar Series
Date Name Affiliation Title (click for video where available)
Abstract Host
June 17, 2015 Dr.  Vlad Muzykantov University of Pennsylvania  "Targeting biotherapeutics to vascular endothelium"   Conway
June 10, 2015 Dr. Debbie Griswold Providence Health Care, Hematopathology
 "Von Willebrand factor in health and disease: an unfolding story"   Jackson
June 3, 2015 Dr. Stanley Moore University of Saskatchewan  "Structural and Biochemical Analysis of a Yeast Zn Metalloezyme Induced by MMS and DNA Alkylating agents"   MacGillivray
May 27, 2015 Dr. Ed Conway UBC, Centre for Blood Research "Complement coagulation conundrums"   MacGillivray
May 20, 2015 Dr. Urs Hafeli UBC, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences "Bombesin-Directed Magnetic Polymersomes for Cancer Therapy"   Kastrup
May 6, 2015 Dr. Sean Barbour UBC, Dept. of Medicine

"C3 glomerulopathy: a confluence of hematology, immunology and nephrology"

Apr. 30, 2015 Dr. Brenda Kwak University of Geneva Medical School "Pannexin-dependent signaling in platelet aggregation and thrombosis"    Naus
Apr. 29, 2015 Dr. Hervé Falet Harvard Medical School "Receptor-mediated endocytosis in megakaryocyte development"   Kim
Apr. 22, 2015 Dr. Angela Devlin UBC, Dept. of Pediatrics

"Cardiovascular Disease in Children Treated with Second-Generation Antipsychotics"

Apr. 1, 2015 Dr. Rick Austin McMaster University "Autoantibodies to cell surface GRP78 promote prostate cancer growth by activating TF procoagulant activity"   Pryzdial
Mar. 11, 2015 Dr. David Corry Baylor College of Medicine "The Fibrinogen-TLR4 Axis at the Intersection of Coagulation and Immunity"   Pryzdial
Mar. 4, 2015 Dr. Kelly Brown Child and Family Research Institute "Using gaps in current clinical practice to guide research, a translational approach to the study of complex childhood disease"   Conway
Feb. 25, 2015 Dr. Nathan White University of Washington  "Biomechanics of Bleeding"   Kastrup
Feb. 23, 2015 Dr. Robert Pike & Dr. Lakshmi Wijeyewickrema La Trobe University Dr. Pike - "Polyanionic cofactors of the serpin, C1-inhibitor, for the treatment of inflammatory diseases"
Dr. Wijeyewickrema - "Novel complement inhibitors of haematophagous arthropods"
Feb. 18, 2015 Dr. Lynda Foltz Providence Hematology  “Myeloproliferative Neoplasms: Mutations in Clinical Practice”   Jackson
Feb. 11, 2015 Dr. Don Sin UBC, Dept. of Medicine "Using -omics to discover novel blood biomarkers of COPD disease activity"   Kim
Feb. 4, 2015 Dr. Megan Levings UBC, Dept. of Surgery “Molecular and Cellular Biology of Regulatory T cells” Kim
Jan. 28, 2015 Dr. Rafal Pawlinski University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill “Tissue factor, hemostasis and vascular inflammation” Pryzdial
Jan. 21, 2015 Dr. Owen McCarty Oregon Health & Science University “Platelet cytoskeletal remodelling and thrombosis”  Kim
Jan. 14, 2015 Dr. Thalia Field UBC Neurology “Antithrombotic strategies for secondary stroke prevention”  Conway
Jan. 7, 2015 Dr. Gordon Francis Centre for Heart Lung Innovation “Smooth muscle cells are a major contributor to foam cell formation in atherosclerosis”  Conway
Dec. 10, 2014 Dr. Vernon Louw University of the Free State, South Africa “Medical education on the move: from Socrates to YouTube”   Leitch
Dec. 3, 2014 Dr. Filip Van Petegem UBC, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology “Cardiac arrhythmias, epilepsy, and muscle disorders: Mutations in Sodium channels and Ryanodine Receptors at high resolution”   Pryzdial
Nov. 19, 2014 Dr. John Eaton University of Louisville “We Did It for Smallpox, We Did It for Polio. Can We Do It for Cancer?”   Scott
Nov. 5, 2014 Dr. Shubhayan Sanatani BC Children’s Hospital “Sudden death in the young: The more we study, the less we know!    Pryzdial
Oct. 29, 2014 Dr. Brian MacVicar Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health / Brain Research Centre “Synaptic sensing and modulation by microglia: A role in neurodegeneration?”    Conway
Oct. 22, 2014 Dr. Annette von Drygalski University of California, San Diego “superFVa -
An Engineered Prohemostatic Agent for Hemophilia and Other Severe Bleeding Situations”
Oct. 16, 2014 Dr. Jennifer Dumont Biogen Idec "Molecular engineering of coagulation factors to prolong half-life."   Conway
Oct. 15, 2014 Dr. Bruce Verchere Child & Family Research Institute “Aggregating evidence for a role for IAPP as an initiator of islet inflammation in type 2 diabetes”    Pryzdial
Oct. 8, 2014 Dr. Karin Humphries Centre for Improved Cardiovascular Health “Hormone Therapy and the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease - Revisiting the Evidence”   Conway
Oct. 1, 2014 Dr. Liping Tang University of Texas at Arlington "Development of optical probes for imaging inflammation" Scott
Sept. 17, 2014 Dr. Patricia Liaw McMaster University "Crosstalk between innate immunity, coagulation, and inflammation: basic and translational studies of cell-free DNA and histones in sepsis” Conway
Sept. 10, 2014 Dr. Elizabeth Simpson Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics, UBC "MAPing the way to Cre-Driver Mice and Adeno-Associated Viruses for Gene Therapy" Kim
2014 Summer Seminar Series
Date Seminar #1 - 12:00-12:25PM
Seminar #2 - 12:30-12:55PM
Aug 27, 2014 Solmaz Sobhanifar
"Investigation of potential drug targets involved in antibiotic sensing and cell synthesis."
Matt Solomonson
"Structure and proteolytic processing of a critical secreted Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence factor and insights into its export mechanism"
Aug. 20, 2014 Neil Mackenzie
"The role of Cathepsins in mineralisation of the ECM"
Rafi Chapanian
"Enhancement of Biological Reactions on Cell Surfaces via Macromolecular Crowding"
Aug. 13, 2014 CBR Research Day
Aug. 6, 2014 Michael Hughes
"Leaky Pipes and Urine Trouble"
July 23, 2014 Antoine Dufour
"Macrophage Matrix Metalloproteinase-12 Dampens Inflammation and Neutrophil Recruitment: Pleiotropic Protective Roles Revealed by Terminomics"
Julien Bergeron
"How do bacteria measure the size of their needle? - Structural and functional characterization of the type III secretion system ruler protein."
July 16, 2014 Rainer Haag
Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry - Organic Chemistry
Freie Universitat Berlin
2013/14 Seminar Series
Date Name Affiliation Title (click for video where available)
Abstract Host
June 18, 2014 Dr. Spencer Anthony-Cahill Western Washington University "Structure and function of recombinant human hemoglobins containing circularly permuted β–globin subunits"   Conway
June 16, 2014 Dr. Shun Hirota Doshisha University “Oligomerization of heme proteins by domain swapping” Takayama
May 28, 2014 Dr. Vince Duronio UBC, Dept. of Medicine “A novel pathway regulating macrophage functions in atherosclerosis.”   Conway
May 21, 2014 Dr. Shernaz Bamji UBC-Cellular & Physiological Sciences "Synaptic Adhesion Molecules in Learning and Memory"    Conway
May 7, 2014 Dr. Russell Tracy University of Vermont "Inflammation, Adaptive Immunity and Aging: an Epidemiological Perspective"   Pryzdial
Apr. 30, 2014 Dr. Anthony Ferrel UBC-Zoology "Cardiorespiratory physiology during extreme exercise at su-pra-optimal temperatures: the case of adult Fraser River sockeye salmon"   Przydial
Apr. 23, 2014 Dr. Julien Bergeron UBC-CBR "Faculty position mock interview: Structural characterization of bacterial appendages involved in host-pathogen interactions and antibiotic resistance"   Conway
Apr. 16, 2014 Dr. Carlo Brugnara Harvard Medical School "Ion channels and transporters of the erythrocyte: from hemoglobinopathies to membrane diseases"   Scott
Apr. 9, 2014 Norman Bethune Symposium, SFU Segal Building (500 Granville Street)
Apr. 3, 2014 Dr. Peter Schubert UBC-CBR, Canadian Blood Services "Transfusion science of blood safety"   Conway
Mar. 26, 2014 Dr. James Stone Univ. of Alberta "RasGRPs: Important Regulators of Ras in Lymphocytes and Potential Drug Targets in Mantle Cell Lymphoma"   MacGillivray
Mar. 19, 2014 Dr. Nigel Mackman UNC McAllister Heart Institute "Hemostasis, Thrombosis and Immunity"   Conway
Mar. 12, 2014 Dr. Richard Discipio Sanford-Burnham Institute "The Assembly of the Membrane Attack Complex (MAC) of Complement"   Conway
Mar. 5, 2014 Dr. Mark Scott Canadian Blood Services, UBC-CBR “Resetting the Immune System via miRNA-Based Therapeutics: Therapeutic Efficacy in Murine Type 1 Autoimmune Diabetes”  
Feb. 26, 2014 Dr. Rod Rassekh BC Childrens Hospital "Moving towards individualized therapy in pediatric cancer"   Conway
Feb. 19, 2014 Dr. Nico Marr CFRI, UBC "Determinants of Severe Respiratory Syncytial Virus  Infections in Early Life"   Conway
Feb. 12, 2014 Dr. Geraldine Walsh CBS, CBR "How to get a paper published"   Conway
Feb. 5, 2014 Dr. Alisa Wolberg University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill "Fibrinogen, factor XIII and red blood cells in venous thrombosis: novel mechanisms, novel therapeutic targets?"   Conway
Jan. 29, 2014 Dr. David Vocadlo SFU "Chemical biology of the O-GlcNAc post-translational modification: from probes to Alzheimer disease."   Overall
Jan. 22, 2014 Dr. Mark Blostein McGill University "Role of gas6 in vascular biology"   Conway
Jan. 15, 2014 Dr. Erin Gaynor M&I, UBC It’s OK to be different: New avenues of pathogenesis and survival in the foodborne bacterium Campylobacter jejuni   Conway
Dec. 4, 2013 Dr. Clint Spiegel Chemistry, Western Washington University "Structural Studies of Blood Coagulation Factor VIII to Overcome the Immune Response" Conway
Nov. 14, 2013 Earl W. Davie Symposium
Nov. 6, 2013 Dr. Rachel Fernandez Microbiology and Immunology, UBC "Resurgence of whooping cough? Immune Modulation by Bordetella pertussis surface structures"   Conway
Oct. 30, 2013 Dr. Anita Ho Philosophy, UBC "There Will Be Blood: Ethical Issues and Considerations in Research"   Conway
Oct. 23, 2013 Dr. Lynsey Huxham University Industry Liaison Office, UBC "Patents: What, Why, When"   Conway
Oct. 16, 2013 Dr. Jacob Rozmus Pathology, UBC "The clinical and translational study of rare and previously unknown primary immunodeficiencies"   Conway
Oct. 10, 2013 Dr. Elliott Chaikof Harvard University "Some Considerations in Coagulation and Its Control"   Kizhakkedathu
Oct. 2, 2013 Dr. Colby Zaph UBC "Set7 at the intersection of Hippo and Wnt signalling in intestinal homeostasis, regeneration and cancer"   Conway
Sept. 26, 2013 Dr. Marie-Frances Scully Memorial University "Acquired inhibitors causing very severe bleeding, a presentation of three challenging cases which illustrate why we clinicians still need a lot more help from basic scientists to understand and hence optimally manage acquired inhibitors which cause bleeding"    Pryzdial
Sept. 18, 2013 Dr. Paula James Queens University "What Can Patient-derived BOEC (Blood Outgrowth Endothelial Cells) Teach Us About the Pathobiology of Type 3 VWD?"   Conway
Sept. 11, 2013 Dr. Karen C. Cheung Electrical Engineering, UBC "Microfluidic systems for three-dimensional cell culture and microenvironment" Conway

2012/13 Seminar Series (past speakers)
Date Name Affiliation Title Abstract Host
July 17, 2013 Dr. James Van Alstine GE Healthcare, Sweden "Toward Solvent Free Precipitation of Plasma Proteins" Conway
June 19, 2013 Dr. Joanna Wegrzyn UBC "miR-146a Regulates Hematopoietic Stem Cell Maintenance and Cell Cycle Entry" Karsan / Conway
June 12, 2013 Dr. David Granville UBC
James Hogg Research Centre
Institute for Heart and Lung Health
St. Paul's Hospital
"Granzymes: More than Just Killer Proteases"  Conway
May 22, 2013 Dr. Helen Burt UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences / Research and International “Intravesicular nanoparticulate drug delivery systems for application in bladder cancer” Conway
May 15, 2013 Dr. T. Michael Underhill UBC, Cellular & Physiological Sciences
“Mesenchymal cells in development, health and disease”
May 8, 2013 Dr. Mark Bigham  Fraser Health / Canadian Blood Services "Disease eradication" Pryzdial
April 26, 2013 Dr. Alfonso Iorio McMaster University "Epidemiology lessons learned by study hemophilia and its treatment" Conway
April 24, 2013 Dr. Reinhart Reithmeier University of Toronto
“Loss of ER Glycoprotein Quality Control During the Terminal Differentiation of Human Red Blood Cells”
April 17, 2013 Norman Bethune Symposium 2013
Apr 10, 2013 Dr. William Mohn UBC
Department of Microbiology & Immunology
"Vicious cycles: interactions between the immune system and microbiota during the course of disease" Conway
Apr 3, 2013 Dr. Kishor Wasan UBC
Research and Graduate Studies
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Neglected Global Diseases Initiative
“The Development of an oral formulation of Amphotericin B and the story of NGDI-UBC: Engaging the Next Generation of Scholars”
March 20, 2013 Dr. Art Poon UBC “Reconstructing the evolution of HIV within a patient” Karsan/Conway
March 13, 2013 Dr. Athan Kuliopulos Tufts University “PARticipating in Metalloprotease Signaling in Blood Vessels” Overall
March 6, 2013 Dr. Hatoon Ezzatt Hemoglobinopathy Program of BC
Hemosiderosis Program of BC
Providence Hematology
“Hemoglobinopathies ‘Newer approach to an old disease’” Conway
March 5, 2013 Dr. Bob Montgomery Blood Research Institute
BloodCentre of Wisconsin
Medical College of Wisconsin
“Platelet Targeted Gene Therapy for Hemophilia” Conway
Feb. 13, 2013 Dr. Hélène Côté UBC “Leukocyte telomere length as a marker of aging in HIV infection”  MacGillivray
Feb. 6, 2013 Dr. Calvin Roskelly UBC “Mode Switching In Tumor Invasion, The Role of The Small Mucin Podocalyxin” Conway
Jan. 30, 2013 Dr. Geoff Hammond UBC "Plasma Steroid-binding proteins: understanding and exploiting function from structural analyses" Conway
Jan. 23, 2013 Dr. Ivan Robert Nabi UBC "Membrane Domain Regulation of Cancer Cell Migration: Synergy between Caveolin-1 and Galectin-3" Pryzdial
Jan. 16, 2013 Dr. Morley Hollenberg University of Calgary "Coagulation Proteinases, their receptors (PARs) and inflammatory disease" Conway
Jan. 9, 2013 Dr. Najib Ayas Providence Health "Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Vascular Disease" Conway
Nov. 28, 2012 Dr. Fabio Rossi UBC “Modulation of fibrogenic progenitors by inflammatory cells” Pryzdial
Nov. 21, 2012 Dr. Walter Kahr The Hospital for Sick Children Toronto “Platelet granules: insights into these specialized organelles” Pryzdial
Nov. 7, 2012 Dr. Hong Ma UBC “Microfluidic Technologies for Cell Biomechanics and Cell Separation” Conway
Oct. 31, 2012 Dr. Henning Stennicke Novo Nordisk “Designing novel therapies for profylaxis in haemophilia” Overall
Oct. 24, 2012 Dr. Ken Bauer Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center “Direct Thrombin or Factor Xa Inhibition as Antithrombotic Strategies: The Development of New Oral Anticoagulants” Conway
Oct. 18, 2012 Dr. David Lillicrap Queen's University “Modifiers of the von Willebrand factor phenotype: join the queue” Pryzdial
Oct. 10, 2012 Dr. Barbara Konkle Puget Sound Blood Center “Understanding Hemostatic Complications of Pregnancy” Conway
Oct. 3, 2012 Dr. Scott Tebbutt UBC “Blood-based signatures of disease: case studies in allergic asthma and kidney transplant rejection.” Conway
Sept. 26, 2012 Dr. Hugh Kim Brigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School Boston “Regulation of cytokine signaling by the platelet cytoskeleton”   Conway
Sept. 6, 2012 Dr. Chi Wu Chinese University of Hong Kong “How free cationic chains promote gene transfection?”   Kizhakkedathu
June. 6, 2012 Dr. Elisabeth Maurer UBC CBR “From Bench to Bedside - New Technology to Prevent Ineffective Platelet Transfusions”  
2011/2012 Seminar Series (past speakers)
Date Name Affiliation Title Abstract Host
May. 14, 2012 Dr. Margaret Rand Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto "Ins and Outs of platelet procoagulant phosphatidylserine"   Pryzdial
May 9, 2012 Dr. Patrick McGeer UBC Faculty of Medicine "Aurin tricarboxylic acid: a breakthrough agent which inhibits overactive complement activation"   Conway
Apr. 18, 2012 Dr. Marc Horwitz UBC Microbiology "How a common, everyday virus like EBV likely induces autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis"   Pryzdial
Apr. 11, 2012 Dr. Toni M. Antalis University of Maryland "Membrane-anchored serine proteases in vascular biology and inflammation" Conway
Apr. 4, 2012 Dr. Shaw Warren Massachusetts General Hospital "Heme and hemoglobin in microbe-induced inflammation and possible treatment strategies" Kizhakkedathu
Mar. 28, 2012 Dr. Neil Cashman UBC Dept. of Neurology "Propagated misfolding of SOD1 in ALS: A new prion-like disorder?"   Conway
Mar. 21, 2012 Dr. Heyu Ni St. Michaels Hospital “Thrombosis and Thrombocytopenia:
Lessons from animal models and human patients”
Mar. 14, 2012 Dr. Jason Schuman GE/Biacore “Biacore SPR in the Development of Bio-Therapeutics: 2nd Generation Factor VIII” Conway
Feb. 29, 2012 Dr. Tanya Petraszko Canadian Blood Services  A Day in the Life at the Canadian Blood Services Conway
Feb. 15, 2012 Dr. Brian Rodriguez UBC Pharmacy “Control of fatty acid delivery to the heart after diabetes” Pryzdial
Feb. 8, 2012 Dr. Michael Sefton University of Toronto “Vascularisation of tissue constructs” Kizhakkedathu
Feb. 1, 2012 Dr. Todd Anderson Alberta Health Services “The Endothelium in Health and Disease” Pryzdial
Jan. 11, 2012 Dr. Cheryl Wellington BC Children's Hospital “From concussion to dementia: A key role for apolipoprotein E” Conway
Nov. 30, 2011 Dr. Paul Yenson VGH, UBC “Sickle Cell Disease: Many band-aids but no cure.” Conway
Nov. 25, 2011 Dr. Jonathan Foley University of Vermont “Caught in the middle: The diverse roles of activated TAFI in Coagulation, fibrinolysis and inflammation” Conway
Nov. 23, 2011 Dr. Patrick Provost  Laval University “A role for microRNAs in human platelets?” Devine
Nov. 16, 2011 Dr. Alan Lazarus St. Michael’s Hospital “How does IVIg work in autoimmunity and can we replace it with something better?” Pryzdial
Oct. 26, 2011 Dr. Andrew Weyrich University of Utah “New Functions of Human Platelets” Pryzdial
Oct. 19, 2011 Dr. Christian Kastrup UBC MSL “Understanding and Controlling Blood Coagulation Using Models, Materials and Devices” Pryzdial
Oct. 12, 2011 Dr. Fraser Wright Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia “Advances in Gene Therapy for Hemophilia” Pryzdial
Oct. 5, 2011 Dr. Heather Leitch John Ruedy Immunodeficiency Clinic (IDC), “Transfusional Iron Overload & Iron Chelation Therapy in MDS” Conway
Sept. 21, 2011 Dr. Jose Lopez University of Washington “von Willebrand factor in health and disease” Pryzdial
Sept. 12, 2011 Dr. Wolfgang Mayr Medical University of Vienna “Chimerism and other genetic problems in transfusion medicine” Devine
2010/2011 Seminar Series (past speakers)
Date Name Affiliation Title Abstract Host
June 8, 2011 Dr. John Hess University of Maryland “Better Storage Systems for RBCs” Devine
May 25, 2011 Dr. Paula Tracy University of Vermont College of Medicine “Unique Mechanisms by which Activated Platelets Regulate Thrombin Generation at their Membrane Surfaces” Pryzdial
May 4, 2011 Dr. Peter Schubert UBC CBR “Transfusion science: the good and the bad side of pathogen reduction technologies” Conway
Apr. 20, 2011 Dr. Jamey Marth “A Unified Approach to Discover the Cellular Origins of Disease” Strynadka
Mar. 30, 2011 Dr. Philip Low Purdue University “The Structure and Function of the Human Red Blood Cell Membrane” McNagny
Mar. 16, 2011 Dr. Michael Hughes  UBC "Characteristics and applications of a new mouse model of hemolytic hereditary" Conway
Mar. 9, 2011 Dr. Peter Gross “Intravital microscopy as a model of thrombosis” Conway
Mar. 2, 2011 Dr. Mohandas Narla New York Blood Center “Erythropoiesis and Red Cells : What’s Old and What’s New” Devine