Mass Spectrometry

This suite is here to provide accurate and in-depth mass spectrometry-based proteome analysis for the Centre for Blood Research and the Life Sciences Institute, in order to help elucidate molecular mechanisms operational in health and disease, and to identify novel biomarkers that can be used for diagnosis and as drug targets. Specializing in nanoLC-MS/MS, we can provide targeted or large-scale identification, characterization and/or quantification of proteins from organelles, cells or tissues.

Managed in conjunction with the CHiBi Proteomics Core Facility .

Contact Information:

Instrument use and maintenance
Jason Rogalski (BRC)
Tel: 604 827-5490

Juergen Kast
Leonard Foster

Mailing address:

University of British Columbia
Centre for Blood Research
4342-2350 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z3