CBS’ netCAD Blood4Research Facility

To donate blood to netCAD, please see the NetCAD Blood4Research Website.

CBS’ netCAD Blood for Research Facility in Vancouver is dedicated to “blood research and design.” Our purpose at netCAD is to be a transfusion science interface to CBS’ operations. We bridge ‘basic science’ and ‘development’ in order to apply scientific rigor and provide evidence-based support for CBS’ internal process development and process improvement efforts. We also provide related specialized services to CBS scientists, scientists across Canada, international groups, as well as biotechnology and medical device companies. Our work ranges from basic research that drives innovation through experimentation, to ‘pilot-plant’ level testing of new products and processes applicable to transfusion science in general and to CBS in particular.

To be able to achieve this, netCAD is set up as a “complete miniature blood centre” with all the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and equipment used by CBS – but with the flexibility and consequent ability to vary any part of any of the processes in a controlled, test situation.

netCAD was created by CBS in 2003 as an innovation centre to support the design, development and validation of new products, processes and instrumentation. Since its inception, netCAD has participated in the development of the “Buffy Coat” blood component production process, and a wide range of associated sub-processes as CBS re-tooled to implement Buffy Coat across Canada. netCAD continues to work with CBS operations on the design, development and validation of new process and new technology, but is also working closely with companies developing the next generation of products for use in transfusion medicine.

Researchers, institutions or companies interested in developing new products, processes or technology for the transfusion medicine community are encouraged to contact netCAD.

For more information on donating and eligibility criteria, please go to the NetCAD Blood4Research webpage.

Contact Information:

To find out if you may be eligible to donate at netCAD, review our  eligibility criteria. You can also contact us directly:


Phone: 604-221-5515

University Marketplace (at UBC)
207-2150 Western Parkway
Vancouver, BC V6T 1V6

For other inquiries, please contact either:

Peter Schubert, PhD
Principal Manager, netCAD Blood4Research Facility
Component Scientist, Product and Process Development

Le Lam
Operational Manager, netCAD Blood4Research Facility

Centre for Innovation, Canadian Blood Services
207-2150 Western Parkway
Vancouver, BC V6T 1V6
P: 604-221-5515 x4848