Amardeep Sekhon, 2019 CBR-SBME Summer Research Student

Project: Frequency of Positive Antibody Screens on patients with Serial Group and Screens Every 3 Days (PASSeS 3D Study)
Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Shih

Amardeep (left) with his supervisor Dr. Andrew Shih at CBR Research Day 2019

“As someone who recently finished up his first year of undergraduate studies and had no prior research experience, I cannot thank the Centre for Blood Research (CBR) enough for the opportunity to get an early start in clinical research and develop my skills.

The research study I have been working on in the summer is called the PASSeS 3D Study (Frequency of Positive Antibody Screens on Patients with Serial Group and Screens Every 3 Days), which is currently investigating a 3-day protocol for pre-transfusion compatibility testing at the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

With this studentship being my first immersion into clinical research, I did not know what to expect – I initially had this notion that it would simply be non-stop data collection and analysis but looking back I learned so much from the experience. Working with post-graduate medical residents on a daily basis under the supervision of a staff physician has taught me so much about what it takes to be successful not only in clinical medicine, but in academia.  The unparalleled guidance and mentorship I have received from Dr. Andrew Shih, Dr. Bhupinder Johal and Dr. Ann Tran, has made me realize that medicine and research is something I would pursue after my undergraduate studies. The meaningful professional relationships I have built I feel will serve me very well in making sure those dreams are a reality.

Overall, I am looking forward to remain being a part of the vibrant research community at the CBR and remain being involved in the research there.”