Research 180 Video Competition: Share your research story

Written by: Dr. Geraldine Walsh, Knowledge Broker, Canadian Blood Services

Originally posted on the Canadian Blood Services Research, Education, and Discovery (R.E.D.) blog and republished with permission and minor edits. Read the original post on the Research. Education. Discovery. blog.

Research 180 Video Competition now open for entries

The Centre for Blood Research (CBR), in partnership with Canadian Blood Services, is pleased to announce the “Research 180 Video Competition”! We want to hear research stories from trainees, and this year we’re excited to give trainees the opportunity to showcase these research stories by creating engaging video content.


“Impact in motion”

The Competition’s theme is “Impact in motion”. We’re asking trainees to make 180-second videos that explains the applicant’s research and its impact/potential impact to a nonexpert public audience. The winning writer will receive a $500 prize, and there is an additional $300 prize purse available for disbursement to up to two runners-up. Selected entries will be disseminated through the Canadian Blood Services’ and the Centre for Blood Research’s online platforms and social media channels.


The Canadian Blood Services’ “Research 180 Video Competition” is open for entries until October 31, 2022. 


Open to Canadian Blood Services’ affiliated trainees

The competition is open to research trainees at UBC’s Centre for Blood Research and in our Canadian Blood Services research network, which includes trainees directly funded by Canadian Blood Services and those training in laboratories/groups that receive funding from Canadian Blood Services. Eligibility includes all summer undergraduate students, undergraduate students, graduate students, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Research Associates working in the laboratory of a CBR Principal Investigator.

For more details about the eligibility criteria, read the competition Guidelines (PDF).  Entries will be judged on the video content, including relevance to the theme and originality, as well as on production quality. The best of luck to all our trainees with this competition. We cannot wait to see what you produce!


To learn more and to submit an application to the Research 180 Video Competition, visit the competition page. 


Scientist with a erlenmeyer flask at a lab bench with film equipment in the background, in a cartoon style, to promote the Research 180 Video Competition


Previous trainee Competition winners

This year, we’re running the Research 180 Video Competition instead of a Lay Science Writing Competition. If you’re looking for inspiration on what makes a good science story, check out the winning entries from past writing competitions.


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For details of past competitions and published stories from runners-up, search “lay science writing competition” on the Canadian Blood Services’s R.E.D. blog.