Norman Bethune Symposium 2020: Twitter Research Showcase

During our Norman Bethune Symposium 2020, we invited trainees to share their research via social media through our Twitter Research Showcase. In lieu of a traditional poster presentation, the Twitter Research Showcase challenged presenters to display and communicate their research through Tweet threads, engaging with others via comments and replies, and staying within the constraints of 280 characters per Tweet!

These Tweets were then reviewed by expert judges for clarity of content, organization and flow, overall appearance, and their level of engagement and impact. Congratulations to Maria-Elizabeth Baeva, the winner of the Twitter Research Showcase, and runner-up Marie-Soleil Smith!


See our list of showcase presenters and their Tweet threads below:

Participant: Amy Wong Strilchuk (@itsAmylase)

Showcase Title: "Transient gene therapy to prevent thrombosis"

Research Showcase Thread:

Participant: Bronwyn Lyons (@blyons619)

Showcase Title: "The type 3 secretion system: a pathogenic bacterial nanomachine"

Research Showcase Thread:

Participant: Erik Lamoureux (@elamox)

Showcase Title: "Red blood cell deformability classification using deep learning"

Research Showcase Thread:

Participant: Jerry Leung (@JerryL_NP)

Showcase Title: "Using Lipid Nanoparticles to Create Designer Platelets"

Research Showcase Thread:

Participant: Maria-Elizabeth Baeva (@Maria_the_Bae)

Showcase Title: "Are eyes more than just windows to the soul? Exploring the link between ocular pathology and Alzheimer's disease."

Research Showcase Thread:

Participant: Marie-Soleil Smith (@MarieSunSmith)

Showcase Title: "Concordance between plasma cotinine concentration and smoking self-reporting in two CARMA cohort studies"

Research Showcase Thread:

Participant: Mona Khorshidfar (@Mona95480574)

Showcase Title: "Quality measurements of apheresis platelet concentrates from donors whose platelets repeatedly show low pH over storage"

Research Showcase Thread:

Participant: Rachel Dunn (@RachelADunn)

Showcase Title: "DNA sequencing with molecular barcoding to uncover low frequency mitochondrial DNA mutations"

Research Showcase Thread:

Participant: Wenhui Li (@LiWenhui_)

Showcase Title: "The role of donor sex on the presence of CD71 erythroid cells in the whole blood"

Research Showcase Thread:


Thank you to our Twitter Research Showcase judges Leanna Bedell (STEMCELL Technologies), Kristine Ho (Centre for Blood Research), Dr. Kellie Machlus (Harvard Medical School), and Dr. Kristina McBurney (Science in the City), who provided insightful and thoughtful feedback on the threads.


Special thanks also to STEMCELL Technologies and Science in the City for providing prizes!


Learn more about the Norman Bethune Symposium here.