CBR-SBME Summer Studentship Program 2021


Program Schedule:

Note: Events highlighted in bold are mandatory components for the CBR-SBME Summer Studentship Program. Attendance will be taken. More details will be provided closer to the event date.

  • August 4 | 10am-12 pm | Effective Presentation Skills Practical Workshop
    • Note: To prepare, please watch the “Snazzy Slides” and “Public Speaking & Presentation Skills” online learning modules (click on the 'Learning Modules' tab to view the playlist), bring a draft of your oral presentation slides, and prepare a rough 2.5 min research talk.
  • August 9 | 10-11 am | Drop-in Research Day rehearsal
  • August 11 | time TBD | Research Day
  • Lay Summary Writing Practical Workshop:
    • During this practical session, you will be revising your draft lay (i.e., plain-language) summary for the Research Day program booklet and final report, and receiving feedback from the facilitators and your peers.
  • Effective Presentation Skills Practical Workshop:
    • During this practical session, you will be practicing your talk for Research Day, and receiving feedback from the facilitators and your peers.
  • Time Management Skills (Achieve More in Less Time):
    • We will discuss the importance of time management, explore chaos and its negative impacts on time, review time wasters and strategies to overcome them, and learn new time management techniques. Presented by Neda Brasanac, BA, MA, MSc, Real Life Counselling.
  • Escape Room Social
    • Learn the cool research that is happening at CBR and SBME, work as a team to solve puzzles, and see if you can escape UBC!
  • Program Check-in
    • Meet with CBR and SBME program coordinators, share your program experience/concerns, and chat about anything that’s on your mind!
  • Design Your Life
    • What do you want out of life, at your university and beyond? This interactive session draws on the principles of Design Thinking to help you design lives that are rich in fulfillment, joy, and creativity. Participants are encouraged to come to this session with a sense of playfulness and creativity, and will be challenged throughout the session to venture outside of their comfort zones in order to explore potential futures. Presented by Dr. Danielle Barkley, Career Educator, UBC Centre for Student Involvement and Careers.
    • To make the most out of this session, you will be expected to actively participate in small breakout rooms and will be requested to share their audio and video for the duration of this session.
  • Career Exploration Panel
    • Meet and network with professionals in academia, healthcare and industry, learn about their career paths, and hear their advice on career development.
  • Research Day
    • Present your summer research in front of your peers, friends, family and CBR-SBME community, hear an inspirational keynote talk, and celebrate the end of the Summer Studentship Program!
  • “Picture a Scientist” film screening & panel discussion:
    • Picture a Scientist is a feature-length documentary film chronicling the groundswell of researchers who are writing a new chapter for women scientists. A biologist, chemist and geologist lead viewers on a journey deep into their own experiences in the sciences, overcoming brutal harassment, institutional discrimination, and years of subtle slights to revolutionize the culture of science. From cramped laboratories to spectacular field stations, we also encounter scientific luminaries who provide new perspectives on how to make science itself more diverse, equitable, and open to all. Movie Trailer | Run Time – 97 Minutes.
  • Norman Bethune Symposium: Join us for keynote presentations on advances in patient blood management, challenges in trauma-induced bleeding, blood type and COVID-19 risk, disorders of red blood cell metabolism, new approaches in blood products, and blood products in traumatic brain injury.
  • SBME Annual Symposium: Join us for industry panels, research presentations, poster sessions, and keynote talks from Dr. Ali Khademhosseini and Dr. Jennifer Elisseeff.

Science Communication Learning Modules

Created in collaboration with SciCATs.

  • Writing an Awesome Lay Abstract (4 modules): View playlist
    • Part 1: Figuring out what you’re trying to say
    • Part 2: Understanding your audience for writing
    • Part 3: Cut the jargon
    • Part 4: Editing tips to shine
  • Snazzy Slides (4 modules): View playlist
    • Part 1: Designing your presentation
    • Part 2: Charts & figures
    • Part 3: Overall design & accessibility
    • Part 4: Building the slides & tech considerations
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (4 modules): View playlist
    • Part 1: Getting set up
    • Part 2: Understanding your audience for public speaking
    • Part 3: How to make your good talk great
    • Part 4: Tying it all together
  • Download the workbook
  • Download the slides

Research Day

Research Day takes place annually to celebrate the end of the Summer Studentship Program. This year, it will be on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 starting at 10 am PT. All CBR-SBME Summer Studentship-funded students are required to present their work at this event. This day is an amazing training opportunity for undergraduate students involved in CBR & SBME research to practice their presentation skills and for all trainees to learn about the work happening in CBR & SBME labs.


For Research Day, please prepare an Oral PowerPoint presentation and a Lay Summary on your research project. See below for more information.

  • Should be 2.5 minutes MAXIMUM. We strongly recommend that you practice your presentation several times, since we will not be able to allow for overtime.
  • After your presentation, there will be an opportunity to answer a question from the audience.
  • Please structure your talk to target a broad audience.
  • You do not need an acknowledgment slide. You can start by introducing yourself and telling the audience who your supervisor is.
  • Oral presentations will be judged by your fellow CBR-SBME summer students as well as audience members. Judging criteria include quality of slides and clarity of presentation (see below for rubric). Prizes will be awarded at the end of Research Day.
  • PowerPoint specifics:
    • 5 slides MAXIMUM (excluding title slide); NO animations/transitions; NO acknowledgment slides
      • Note: You do not need to use all 5 slides; you can use less if you’d like.
    • Slides should be “standard” size, 4:3 (not widescreen and not using Keynote or Google Slides)
      • Your first slide should include: 1) CBR and SBME logos (see below) + other funding logos; 2) presentation title; 3) your name and your PI/supervisor's name
        • Note: A slide template will not be provided this year. You will need to make the first slide yourself.
      •  Logos:
    • You will be emailed a link to a OneDrive folder where you can upload your presentation. Please upload a copy of your PPT presentation online by Monday, August 9, 2021 at 12 pm PT. All presentations will be collated into a master slide deck. On Research Day, you will not be advancing the slides yourself.
      • File name should be in the format "Firstname_Lastname_2021 Research Day presentation".
  • There is an optional drop-in Research Day rehearsal on August 9 from 10-11 am if you’d like to familiarize yourself with Zoom and get technical feedback. More details to follow.
  • Should be 150-250 words in length, single-spaced, and in sentence case.
  • On the document, please also note the following:
    • Your name
    • Project title
    • Names of your supervisor(s) and collaborator(s). Please underline the name of your Principal Investigator.
  • Do not include figures, tables, references or footnotes.
  • You will be emailed a link to a OneDrive folder where you can upload your lay summary. Please upload a copy of your Word document online by Monday, August 9, 2021 at 12 pm PT.
    • File name should be in the format "Firstname_Lastname_2021 Research Day lay summary".
  • All summaries will be collated into a program booklet and shared with the Research Day attendees in advance of the event.

Presentations will be scored based on the following criteria:

  • Originality: Is the presentation engaging and interesting?
  • Style: Are the slides polished and not cluttered with text? Are the visuals being used effectively?
  • Clarity of content: Is the research being communicated easy to understand? Did the presenter define any jargon used?
  • Articulation: Were the ideas communicated in a logical flow? Was the talk presented at a good pace?
  • Response to questions: How well were the questions handled?

You’ll need to prepare two things for Research Day:

  1. 2.5 minute presentation about your summer project. On Research Day, you’ll be presenting live to the audience.
  2. 150-250 word lay summary about your summer project. We’ll be compiling these summaries into a booklet and sharing it with the Research Day attendees in advance of the event.

See the 'Research Day' tab for additional guidelines.

  • For the Lay Summary Writing Workshop (June 29), you’ll need to bring a soft copy of an 80-100 lay summary draft to the session. It doesn’t need to be polished, as you’ll be working in groups and receiving peer and mentor feedback. To help you draft your summary, please watch the ‘Writing an Awesome Lay Abstract’ online learning modules (see ‘Learning Modules’ tab).
  • For the Effective Presentation Skills Workshop (August 4), you’ll need to bring a draft of your presentation slides and prepare a rough 2.5 min. research talk for the session. Again, it doesn’t need to be polished, as you’ll be working in groups and receiving peer and mentor feedback. To help you draft your slides and talk, please watch the ‘Snazzy Slides’ and ‘Public Speaking and Presentation Skills’ online learning modules (see ‘Learning Modules’ tab).

We hope these small assignments will help you prepare for the final deliverables on Research Day so you don’t feel too stressed or overwhelmed about the event!

Yes, you may present your work on Research Day. Please confirm your participation with Carmen or Stefanie by July 16.

Yes, please register for Research Day so you can receive the Zoom event link closer to the event date.

No, you do not need to present everything that you’ve done over the summer. We’re looking for quality of storytelling over quantity of data! Remember to think about the key message(s) that you'd like your audience to take away from your presentation, and don't overwhelm the audience with data overload. If you’d like, you could verbally mention that you’ve worked on a number of projects over the summer, but for this event, you’re going to focus on one specific project.

It’s okay to not have any results for your project—that’s part of the research process! The audience will also appreciate one’s failures just as much as one’s successes! Keep in mind that your Research Day presentation is not about showing how much data you have, but sharing your research project as a compelling story. Think about the key message(s) that you'd like your audience to take away from your presentation.

Due to the virtual nature of Research Day and the potential compatibility issues between Mac/PC when preparing the master slide deck, we do not encourage the use of video clips. That being said, if you feel very strongly about the use of video clips and that there are no alternatives to presenting your work, then you will need to attend the Research Day rehearsal session on August 9 and make sure the video runs smoothly. Please also make sure the video is automatically played on the slide.

Please complete the following by August 27, 2021:

1) Final written report: Maximum 2 pages

  • Include: Lay summary of your research project, including what you have accomplished (maximum 500 words), a reflection on your Program and how this Program contributed to your research and career goals
  • Program coordinators and industry sponsors will be reading these reports
  • Send report to stefanie.mak@ubc.ca
    • File format (in PDF): “Firstname_Lastname_2021 Summer Studentship Program final report”
    • Please include your name and supervisor on the document

2) Online survey: should take ~10 min to complete

  • Link will be shared after Research Day

3) Testimonial (optional)

  • Did you enjoy the virtual CBR-SBME Summer Studentship Program? If so, we would like to get a testimonial from you to feature on our website and social media platforms!
    • Short blurb (200 words max.) describing why you enjoyed the Program; please include a short description about your research project
    • A photo of yourself
    • Send testimonial to stefanie.mak@ubc.ca