Social Life

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PotluckPotluck Lunches

Every couple of months, all CBR members gather together for the CBR potluck lunch. It offers the opportunity for people to relax in an easy atmosphere and enjoy each others’ company, as well as showcase their cooking skills.

This event is very popular and has already revealed some serious chefs!

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Every month, one lucky Friday turns into a happy hour at CBR, serving beer, wine and snacks to the hard-working CBR members.

All CBR members are invited to this lively event offering a chance to have fun with colleagues and get to know each other better.

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CBR Health and Wellness Committee – details here

The Centre for Blood Research has formed its Health and Wellness Committee. Their vision is to create an inclusive, supportive and connected community by engaging in social and physical activities. Based on interviews with some of the CBR members, it was noted that the biggest challenges in working at a laboratory setting were high levels of isolation, stress and lack of opportunities to connect with CBR member’s outside of one’s lab.

Maintaining a work/life balance is difficult especially, if one plays many roles.  Taking that into consideration, the Health and Wellness Committee is planning events that are family-friendly and will target various interests and commitment levels. This will also help our members’ mental health as they are exposed to new skills, physical activity, team building activities to help elevate stress and expand their social networks.