CATIM – Canadian Workshop

The first CATIM Canadian Workshop is now over and we were pleased to see that it was a great success!  We would like to thank everyone who supported and attended the 2017 CATIM Canadian Workshop.  Special thanks to all our speakers for taking the time to come and share their knowledge, and our sponsor (Shire) for their support!


Photos from the event are available on our Dropbox –

The Centre for Blood Research is excited to host the first Canadian Workshop – Center for Advanced Training in Inhibitor Management (CATIM) on hemophilia.  This “hands-on” workshop will enable the current hemophilia clinic directors to become more proficient in the understanding and care of patients with hemophilia complicated by inhibitors so that they can deliver the highest level of care to their inhibitor patients. This workshop will feature international and Canadian faculties, and encourages interactive participation and sharing of experiences amongst our closely knit Canadian hemophilia clinic directors.  It would also foster a broader interest in the field of coagulation medicine while working towards bridging the gap in many current hematology training programs with respect to managing patients with complex hemostatic disorders.

The workshops will be taking place at the beautiful Pinnacle Hotel in Vancouver on March 4 – 5, 2017, starting with an introduction dinner on March 3, 2017.

Event Date:
March 3 – 5, 2017 (Fri-Sun)

Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver Harbourfront
1133 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V6E 3T3

Target Audience:
Canadian HTC Directors with preference given to younger directors who may have less experience in this area.

Course Format:
Workshop format with didactic talks, panel discussion, case presentation and small interactive groups.


Key Speakers

  1. Dr. Carmen Escuriola-Ettingshausen
  2. Dr. Elaine Joughin
  3. Dr. David Lillicrap
  4. Dr. Jean St. Louis
  5. Dr. Jerry Teitel
  6. Dr. Georges Rivard
  7. Dr. Manuel Carcao
  8. Dr. Vicky Price
  9. Dr. John Wu

Planning committee members:
Drs. Georges Rivard, Manuel Carcao, Vicky Price, John Wu

Our faculties consist of many of our Canadian experts, and we have invited Dr. Carmen Escuriola- Ettingshausen to be one of our international faculties.

Topics covered include:
Immunology of Hemophilia Inhibitors
Predictors of Development of Inhibitors
Laboratory Evaluation and Monitoring of Inhibitor
Treatment and Prevention of Bleeds in Inhibitor Patients
Immune Tolerance Induction for Eradication of Inhibitors
Inhibitor in Non-severe Hemophilia Patients
Acquired Hemophilia
And others…

Registration Information:


Registration is open to current hemophilia clinic directors, and covers all course materials, group meals and breaks.  Registration is on a first come, first served basis and space is limited.

Invited speakers and participants will be offered complimentary accommodation for a maximum of 2 nights.  The CATIM event will arrange and cover travel and accommodation expenses of the participants.

Cancellation Policy:
Please contact Hana Kim at 604-822-7407 or to cancel your registration.

In the event that a participant has agreed to book travel, and then is subsequently unable to attend the meeting, the following policy shall apply:
  1. In the event of (1) an emergency medical condition involving the participant, or a member of the participant’s immediate family, requiring the care of a physician or hospitalization, or (2) the death of an immediate family member, CBR will bear the cost of the ticket upon receipt of a letter from the physician or hospital;
  2. In the event that the participant is required to return home early for the reasons outlined in (a) above, requiring a change in the travel itinerary, CBR will cover the cost of the change fee.
  3. In the event of cancellation for any other reason (e.g., workload, personal reasons), the participant will be responsible for the cost of the ticket.
  4. In the event of a change in itinerary for any other reason (e.g., workload, personal reasons), the participant will be responsible for the cost of that change.

Hana Kim at 604-822-7407 or email:

The CBR gratefully acknowledges the educational grant provided by: