The challenges of HIV research today: Interview with Richard Harrigan

Jenny Chik, a postdoctoral fellow in the Foster lab, got the opportunity to interview Dr. Richard Harrigan, Professor in the Department of Medicine and the Director of Research Laboratories at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS to discuss present challenges and future of HIV research.


Results are out! Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

Natalie Zeytuni and J. Andrew Alexander from the Strynadka Lab, have received highly prestigious national awards.


Get the Scoop: What is the Health and Wellness Committee?

The Health and Wellness Committee was formed to improve the psychological and physical well-being of CBR members, by exposing them members to new skills, new ideas, and physical activities to help elevate stress and expand social networks.


Interview with Dr. Ross MacGillivray, the First CBR Director

One of the founding members of the CBR, Ross MacGillivray, reflects about the past, present and future of the CBR.


2016 MSFHR Scholar Program Award Recipients

The MSFHR Scholar Program is designed to foster the development of outstanding health researchers in BC. Three CBR current and past members have received this award.


Mourning the loss of Dr. Sheldon Naiman – 1937-2016

On July 24, 2016, we lost a wonderful person, and longtime friend of the CBR and many others. Dr. Sheldon (Shelly) Naiman was born in Toronto in 1937, and after completing medical school, moved to California and then to Vancouver, where he became the founding Head of Clinical Hematology in the Department of Medicine. Dr. […]


Meet a 2015 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Recipient – Farshad Babaeijandaghi

Farshad Babaeijandaghi, a graduate student in Dr. Fabio Rossi’s lab received the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship in the 2015 competition for his research on fibro-adipogenic progenitors (FAPs).


Dr. Jay N Kizhakkedathu appointed to Full Professor!

Dr. Jay N Kizhakkedathu has been appointed to a Full Professor of Medicine in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.


Professor Donald Metcalf – A tribute to the legend (26 February 1929 – 15 December 2014)

Dr. Donald Metcalf, The Father of Modern Hematology, was a titan of his field, studying the production of blood cells, cell survival, suppressors of cell signalling, and stem cells.


“Learn by Doing”: Mutual Gains of Mentorship

Abhinav Ajaykumar, a PhD Student in Helene Cote's Lab, was excited to discuss his experience of serving as a mentor to Sunny Park and Tea Yates, two Grade 10 students from the Prince of Wales Mini School, Vancouver.