LMB Spectroscopy and Kinetics Hub

The SHARED SPECTROSCOPY AND KINETICS HUB of the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, located in Rm. 4.351 of the Life Sciences Centre (2350 Health Sciences Mall), augments the facilities of individual research groups at UBC by providing state-of-the-art spectroscopic equipment for structural and functional characterization of biological samples. Instruments currently available include:

Instrument Model Login 
UV/Vis spectrophotometer
CD Spectropolarimeter
FT/IR-Raman spectrometer
Stop- and Quench-flow spectrophotometer

Members from academic research groups at U.B.C. are welcome to reserve instrument time on-line (calendar.yahoo.com) with the appropriate login as shown. Follow the link to the instrument of interest for a description of the equipment. Industrial research staff are also welcome to use these facilities but should contact the Hub Manager to arrange to book instrument time and for general assistance.

Contact Infomation:

Hub Manager
Fred Rosell, Ph. D.
Rm. 4.351, Life Sciences Centre

LMB Director
Grant Mauk, Ph. D.

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